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August 2019
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Small and medium-sized businesses in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan can now apply to the SME Project stream of the Climate Action Incentive Fund. They will be eligible to receive funding of up to 25 percent of the cost of projects that will make their businesses more productive and competitive by reducing energy use, saving money, and cutting greenhouse gas pollution.
Environment and Climate Change Canada released the Proposed Regulatory Approach on the Clean Fuel Standard on June 28. The CPA has made it clear that it does not believe that propane should be included in the CFS. However, so long as propane is included, the Association has ensured that it is a full participant throughout the development process.  
The CPA has been on the move visiting members in Ontario and Quebec to gain first-hand experience, increase their knowledge and better understand members' operations. 
On July 10, the CPA participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by recently-appointed Minister of Government and Consumer Services Lisa Thompson in Toronto. Minister Thompson explained the importance of modernizing the TSSA to get “government out of your way” and create more jobs in the province.
The CPA has directed its legal counsel to lodge a formal complaint to the Ontario Energy Board regarding possible non-compliance or submission of misleading information by Enbridge Gas for the Fenelon Falls natural gas expansion project. On July 12, the Association sent a formal letter of complaint to the OEB requesting an inquiry be conducted on this issue and has also sent copies of the complaint to key Ontario ministers and MPPs. 
The Canadian Propane Association has retained Call2Recycle, a not-for-profit recycling organization with national experience operating battery and cellphone recycling programs, to develop and support the CPA's approach to recycling propane cylinders. 

The province of New Brunswick will be receiving the 16 propane school buses they ordered last fall around mid-August. “The province is looking forward to receiving the school buses and transporting students in a clean and quiet environment,” said Regional Service Coordinator, Transport and Infrastructure Roland Gallant.
The Minister of Fisheries & Community’s Affairs Honourable Jamie Fox was briefed on the concept of fish plants across the province transitioning to propane either as a primary source of energy replacing the use of furnace oil or replacing diesel for backup generation. A meeting was held with members of the PEI Fishermen’s Association who are seeking a carbon reduction strategy. As was indicated to the Minister, the CPA explained to the fishing group that propane provides a cleaner energy option than the fossil fuels that are traditionally used in the fishing industry.

An initial meeting was held with Chief Junior Gould, the newly elected leader of the Abegweit First Nation. Discussions with Chief Gould included his vision for new economic development for his community. Presented to Chief Gould were the benefits of incorporating propane as an opportunity to reduce GHGs and limit remediation costs caused by oil spills which historically have been significant. CPA staff, as well as CPA Indigenous Advisor Robert Lavigne, will be having further discussions with Chief Gould and his officials.

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National Bank of Canada / Banque Nationale du Canada
National Bank offers flexible strategies to reduce your exposure to variable prices for maturities up to 24 months. Follow this link to find out how to manage your supply costs and simplify your budgeting process
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Propane Training Institute
Over the last several months, the CPA/ Propane Training Institute has been communicating about the improvements made to our training material and processes. CPA/PTI continues to focus on key priorities and we are making steady progress. Check out the CPA website and learn about new courses and improved descriptions! 
CPA News

To help further promote the auto propane industry, the CPA is working with the World Petroleum Gas Association on a new initiative, Auto Propane Day that will take place on Friday, September 27. The event will be similar to the highly successful #LPGDay held in June. Members, watch for communications over the next few weeks for more information on this inaugural event. 

The Reliable Propane Fiable©MD Commitment is aimed at enhancing risk management performance and elevating public perception about the safety and responsibility of the propane industry. Members can find out more information about the meaning of the Reliable Propane Fiable©MD Commitment and the new CPA membership branding in a section on the CPA website.
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Industry News
The World Liquid Petroleum Gas Association’s A Global Roadmap for Autogas: Reaping the environmental and economic benefits of using more LPG in road transport examines the global potential for autogas / auto propane in vehicle fleets over the next 20 years. WLPGA's alternative scenario sees the number of propane vehicles triples and demand for the product doubles compared with current levels over the next 20 years; associated social, economic and environmental benefits are estimated at over US$54 billion.
Industrial operations in the Alberta Heartland region will have attracted over $40 billion in investments and contributed about $2 billion in local revenues from 2017 to 2020 due to projects like Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical Complex facility, according to Ernst & Young LLP’s report in the Edmonton Journal. 
Québec's new 'Transportez vert' program offers financial assistance to help, support and train businesses, organizations and municipalities that use a fleet of vehicles to reduce their fuel consumption and GHG emissions while increasing their use of energy efficiency - this assistance includes converting to low-emission propane.
The Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques and the California Air Ressources Board announced that the next joint carbon market auction will be held on August 20, 2019.
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Date: September 6-7
Location: Red Deer, AB
Date: September 10
Location: Langley, BC

Date: June 9-11, 2020
Location: London, ON

Environment and Climate Change Canada has released revised Environmental Emergency Regulations that is coming in to force on August 24.
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