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August 2019

ON: Recycling program activities – An opportunity for the propane industry

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Earlier this year, the Ontario government asked Stewardship Ontario (SO) to wind-up the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste program and develop both a plan for the windup and new program requirements to be administered by the new regulatory body Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority. Saskatchewan recently released the Household Hazardous Waste Regulation Products Stewardship Regulation, which can be viewed here

The CPA Board believes that these activities and similar recent moves by other provincial governments across the country could offer an opportunity for the propane industry to develop and administer an industry-led voluntary national program for some cylinder recycling, with member input.

From members' perspective, it is important that the propane sector is not subject to ongoing, unnecessary program requirements and fees through a new program designed by bureaucrats who do not understand the industry and the value of its “waste”.  The propane sector is an original recycler and has been a true steward for generations.

The CPA has retained Call2Recycle, a not-for-profit recycling organization with national experience operating battery and cellphone recycling programs, to develop and support the CPA's approach to recycling propane cylinders. Key Ontario members were consulted and they endorsed the strategy. If you have any comments, please email them to Ontario Government Relations Director Marcelline Riddell.


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