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August 2019

Member feedback requested on proposed regulatory framework for CFS by August 26

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The federal government’s intent in the development of a Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) is to accelerate Canada’s transition to a low carbon future by stimulating investments in clean technology and low-carbon-intensity fuels.

As part of that process, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) released the Proposed Regulatory Approach on the Clean Fuel Standard on June 28.

The CPA has made it clear that it does not believe that propane should be included in the CFS. However, so long as propane is included in the CFS, the CPA has ensured that it is a full participant throughout the CFS development process. This includes being a member of the Technical Working Group, which has resulted in propane being recognized as a less carbon-intense fuel and eligible to create credits for end-use fuel switching in the transportation sector.  

The CPA recently participated in a webinar on July 10 in which ECCC reviewed the Proposed Regulatory Approach document.

From the CPA perspective, some items of interest included:

  • Current credits available to propane are through the use of renewable (bio) propane and in the transportation sector when switching from a higher intensity fuel to propane
  • ECCC is looking for feedback on propane, the current interim credit reference for propane of 74.8 g CO2e/MJ is under review
  • Classification 3 credits only apply to the transportation sector, however, there could be an opportunity to apply this in other industries and uses

The CPA will be filing a submission on the CFS Proposed Regulatory Approach and encourages members to review the regulatory paper and provide any comments before August 26 to


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