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March 2020
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The CPA has put together important information and useful resources to support your efforts during this COVID-19 period: 
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One significant challenge for businesses is to effectively communicate with their employees. They may not see themselves as “essential” if they don’t understand how critical their work is to supply chains. Your business will also need to communicate evolving health and safety protocols – both to your employees and to government.

Two useful documents to support you in communicating with your teams and others:



CPA Board Vice-Chair Nancy Borden encourages BC government to include propane in its new Bus Acquisition Program announced in March that provides $13 million for 31 school districts in the province to buy 101 new buses, including up to 15 electric buses.
The Manitoba government has been under the federal carbon tax (the “backstop”) since January 2019. However, the Pallister government has recently introduced its own carbon tax, which applies a flat fixed rate of $25 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.
The CPA filed a pre-budget submission in February to the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In both submissions, the CPA outlined how the expansion of propane can help reduce energy costs for families and create jobs while reducing GHGs.
Next year, Halifax students will be transported to school on new, low-emission propane school buses. Student Transportation of Canada Inc., Southland Transportation Ltd., and National Passenger Services are the successful providers for student transportation in the Halifax region. The service providers will supply, maintain and drive propane buses to deliver students safely to school.
The State of Michigan's UP Energy Task Force conducted a study of propane supply alternatives for the state. The CPA was asked to provide a better understanding of regional propane supplies as they relate to Enbridge's Line 5, specifically information about other supply routes that are used to move NGLs and propane in the region. The study and draft recommendations were posted March 20, 2020.
On March 5, 2020 the Ontario Energy Board issued its final guidelines regarding proposed new natural gas expansion projects in the province.
MaXfield Inc.
Pro-Par Inc.
On March 16, 2020, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approved Heritage Gas Ltd.’s application to extend its customer retention program that had been instituted in 2016 and provided up to a 64 per cent savings on the base energy charge. The CPA had intervened, arguing there was no reason for the retention program to continue. Unfortunately, the board did not accept the CPA’s arguments and the program has been extended until December 23, 2023.
The federal carbon tax (backstop) will be replaced under the new carbon pricing plan for New Brunswick. As part of the made-in New Brunswick carbon plan, effective April 1, 2020, the gasoline tax will decrease by 4.63 cents per litre and the motive fuel (diesel) tax will decrease by 6.05 cents per litre.
In early March, the CPA sent a letter to the New Brunswick Minister of Finance, the Honorable Ernie Steeves regarding members’ concerns on several issues, including the taxation on propane for the purpose of cremation and the tax treatment of propane regarding product loss.
On March 12, 2020, Nova Scotia Environment had launched the public engagement process on the development of the new goals as well as the new climate plan but the process is currently on hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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