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March 2020

NEW - BC: CPA encourages government to consider propane in new Bus Acquisition Program

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The CPA continues to promote propane as a clean transportation fuel and took the opportunity to respond to the B.C. government’s announcement of its new Bus Acquisition Program on March 9.

CPA Vice-Chair Nancy Borden wrote to Premier Horgan to congratulate his government on its continued commitment to reducing the carbon footprint in B.C. The Bus Acquisition Program provides $13 million for 31 school districts in British Columbia to buy 101 new buses, including up to 15 electric buses.

In her letter to Premier Horgan, Borden encouraged his government to consider adopting propane buses for their proven safety, reduced emissions and better savings in the cost of fuel and reduced maintenance.

In pointing out that auto propane is very familiar to British Columbians, Borden also noted that propane school buses are being used more and more throughout North America. In fact, almost one million children travel to and from school each day on propane. In California alone, there are 1,700 propane school buses on the road.

Thousands of direct and indirect jobs rely on the propane industry in British Columbia. According to a 2018 market study by the Conference Board of Canada, activity in the propane industry results in $84 million in provincial revenues as well.

In concluding her letter, Borden noted that, “as the incoming National Board Chair of the Canadian Propane Association and a proud CPA member from B.C., I would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you and your ministers the Propane Advantage and how the expanded use of propane can immediately help to reduce the carbon footprint in B.C.”


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