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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Velvet CARE is Poland’s leading maker of tissue-based personal care products

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Recard restarts PM 2 in record time after a potentially disastrous fire

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It is claimed to be the world’s largest steel Yankee dryer

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A.Celli Paper successfully installed a new slitting section on TM 1

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From The Experts
The tour will feature the company’s Fab Shop and new Leadership Center

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Clouth Sprenger, LLC
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
It comes just two weeks after Lucart completed its acquisition of the company

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The first sheet of paper rolled off the line in early March

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Suzano Papel e Celulose, complementing the Material Fact notice published by the Company on December 4, 2017, has announced the acquisition of approximately 92.84 percent of the total capital and 99.99 percent of the common capital of FACEPA (Fábrica de Papel da Amazônia).

With the acquisition, Suzano becomes one of the largest manufacturer of sanitary papers in Brazil, with a prominent position in the country’s North and Northeast regions. In addition to the units of FACEPA in Belém (PA) and Fortaleza (CE), which were acquired upon conclusion of the aforementioned transaction, Suzano already operated own plants in Mucuri (BA) and Imperatriz (MA).

Word spread of steep price rises in March due to pulp costs

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An identical machine was commissioned at the site last October

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American Baler Company
The company has a long history of community involvement as well

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New Technologies
Since 2015 customers globally have purchased over 20 machines, including the world’s fastest tissue machine with a steam-heated dryer hood

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The company will exhibit at Tissue World in Miami

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The aim is to amplify the product range with new OMET branded converting lines

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It is designed to be a partnership ready to meet global market demands

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OMET Americas, Inc.
Kadant Solutions Division
Warehouse Specialist
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited
Naylor Association Solutions