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The Essel plant in Turkey Returns to Normal Operation

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A race against time: this is what Recard faced  get the Essel plant in Turkey up and running again promptly following a fire that destroyed the facility on June 10, 2017. 
Fewer than seven months after the terrible blaze, the plant was able to restart PM 2 (1,800 m/minm, net sheet width at the pope reel 3,050 mm, production capacity 130 tpd).

"We worked incessantly in the course of these months," explains Rony Michelini, sales engineer application at Recard, "to recondition all the damaged parts and make the plant operational again. We dismantled what was left of the machine and brought it back to Italy, reconditioning and repairing all that was possible or providing irreparable parts ex novo. Everything was then re-installed and the machine restarted. A success rendered possible also thanks to the strong effort made by Essel to rebuild the entire facility building".


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