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A.Celli SlittomaticTM Upgrade Provides a Solution for Every Cutting Demand

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More than ever, the concept of production flexibility in the nonwovens market is embodied in the ability to automatically manage a number of different cuts.
Changing recipes in record times; adapting to different production cycles; being able to count on an operational programming flexibility: These are the standards that every company must guarantee.

These features have given rise to A.Celli SlittomaticTM Upgrade: the evolution in the longitudinal cutting system.

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.Celli SlittomaticTM is a cutting management system that allows:
• Increased productivity, making knife positioning and precision faster based on the recipe;
• Enhanced operator safety and eliminating the "human error" variable;
• Augmented knife performance (electrostatic bar) + dust removal;
• Knife life management system;
• Reduced machine downtime thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring.

The service offered includes:
• Engineering;
• Supervision for electrical and mechanical installation;
• Commissioning and startup;
• Project Management;
• Training;
• Software modification and issuing of licenses and SW Keys;
• Updating of electrical and pneumatic diagrams;
• Review of manuals and layout;
• 24/7 Technical Support Hotline;
• 12-month guarantee from the date of completion of the modifications.


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