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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
The new mill will add 780,000 metric tpy of tissue to the country’s largest tissue producer
The company also announced new appointments and changes in operations
According to Lucart, it also means a 38 percent savings on water resources
Bonetti Company, Inc.
It will be installed at the company’s site in Mexicali, Mexico
From The Experts
Semi-annual opportunity for tissue manufacturers and equipment suppliers to assess, document and problem solve the “heart” of tissue machines
Join a large panel of expertise is assembled to instruct this course
Experts demonstrate how to improve converting operations and productivity
He is currently Fabio Perini North America's president
OMET Americas, Inc.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
China’s Mancheng Jinguang Paper fired up two 22,500-metric tpy tissue machines in March at its sole mill in Baoding city, Hebei province. Both were provided by domestic supplier Baotuo Paper Machinery Engineering. Each unit has a trim width of 3.55 m and a design speed of 1,300 m/min. Their startups have boosted the company’s total tissue capacity to over 130,000 metric tpy, making it one of a handful tissue producers with a capacity of more than 100,000 metric tpy in Hebei province.

Foshan Huahan Sanitary Material, a Chinese company specialized in the flexoprinting process of baby diapers, has acquired two new A.Celli IRIDIUM® printing machines,Mod. 8105, that will be installed in Foshan Huahan’s branch, in December 2019.

As A.Celli IRIDIUM® is considered an ideal press for short and long runs, Foshan HuahanSanitary Material can quickly respond to their customers’ production needs. The A.Celli IRIDIUM® mod. 8105 is equipped with the new A.Celli Nexus® film re-winder, patented by A.Celli Nonwovens, allowing the automatic alignment of the multi slitting and core device with the printing path, this solution minimizes the set up time and waste during the startup.

The patented splice device, installed on A.Celli Nexus® film re-winder, allows optimize splicing without tape and reduces to zero the waste during the doffing cycle. In addition, the machine incorporates quick job changes, automatic fast job set up and an automatic washing system.


It will use recycled materials and the project will be complete by spring 2019
American Baler Company
In the end, the municipality saved quite a bit of money
Only 3 percent of the more than 5,000 companies assessed were awarded the position
It will be furnished with pulp made from bagasse and wood pulp
New Technologies
It features a 25 percent fiber saving compared with dry crepe and uses 50 percent less energy than TAD
These include digital services and customized solutions designed to meet the new needs of the tissue market
It achieves perfect adhesion of tissue plies using water alone
He has held various positions with the Italian company, now part of Korber
It was for category: Equipment Achievement Award – Best new equipment introduction
It was held in Lecco and Valmadrera, Italy, during Tissue World
Fabio Perini S.P.A.
Kadant Solutions Division
Warehouse Specialist
American Roller and Plasma Coatings
Naylor Association Solutions

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