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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Both of the mill's new machines, Andritz PrimeLine units, will make products ranging from bath tissue to paper towels. The first machine is undergoing normal startup and testing procedures, which will determine when it will be producing product at full capacity and when product might be shipped out,
Lincoln mill, formerly known as Eastern Pulp & Paper Corp., filed for bankruptcy in 2015. The firm once provided tissue products to customers throughout the Western Hemisphere, including napkins, towels, table covers, party goods, medical draping, disposable gowns, beauticians' neck strips, and tissue for industrial applications.
Bruce W. Janda, author of the report, points out that product focus is moving toward a two-level strategy with economy and premium performance products. Middle of the road products will increasingly be left behind.
Learn simple, practical solutions for reducing energy consumption and minimizing downtime.
Company is inviting tissue professionals to its facility in Green Bay, Wis., USA, May 17 – 27, to take a closer look at the new technology it presented at recent industry shows.
Tissue Operations & Runnability Training Begins April 19.
In-depth look at alternative fibers in tissue making in Session TF2 of this year’s Tissue360 Forum at PaperCon, May 16-18, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, actually begins in session TF1, which is the keynote session for this well-attended event, now in its fourth year.
Bonetti Company, Inc.
Kimberly-Clark received the Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management "Goal Achievement Award" for reporting and verifying organization-wide greenhouse gas inventories and achieving publicly-set aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals.
New Advantage DCT lines will be installed at Lee & Man's mill in Chongqing, China, with startup planned for late this year.
Challenge for 2016 involves expanding horizons and opening up to new markets—"to grow together." The company has already taken its first steps in the direction of new countries in Africa and Asia, while at the same time strengthening its presence in Latin America and Europe.
Company is taking a cannabis byproduct — the stalks — and recycling them into environmentally friendly paper, including tissue and packaging material.
Corporate Champion Sponsorship with the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) focuses on a key priority shared by both organizations—sustainability.
Fire department reportedly had the fire under control in about 30 minutes after arriving at the mill, and then spent an additional 90 minutes or so ventilating the building.
Insight Technology International LLC
Siemens Industry International
Market Roundup
Index declines to a 5.5-year low in February 2016, according to data maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Report provides the latest retail sales data 2011-2015, and identifies leading companies, leading brands, and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market, including new product developments, distribution, and pricing issues.
Converted tissue product shipments increase, parent roll output remains unchanged, and operating rates edge up.
Sawlog prices in Europe have generally fallen faster than in other parts of the world, with the Central European prices decreasing by almost one-third in the past two years.In the global pulpwood prices arena, hardwood fiber prices continued to fall in most of the major pulp-producing countries in the world in the 4Q/15.
Vooner Flogard Corporation
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
New line fulfills FPC's target of producing 100% textured tissue, differentiating the company's product offering, and to produce high-quality tissue with low energy consumption. This is so far the widest installed Advantage NTT machine with a width of 5.5 meters.
First three rewinders, whose startup is scheduled for January 2017, will be delivered to Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Industry, at the Chishui facilities, in the province of Guizhou (China). Additional six rewinders are scheduled for the second half of next year, while the remaining three units will be delivered at the end of 2017.
Delivery included a steel yankee dryer TT SYD-3600MM provided with Toscotec solution for head insulation, a yankee steam and condensate system, and a new hood, TT Milltech-SMYH Hood type, with a high level of heat recovery.
Germany-based PAAL, acquired for approximately EUR 51 million in cash, manufactures channel balers and related equipment used in the processing of recyclable and waste materials.
New embosser at K-C's Niederbipp facility in Switzerland started is being used to produce the company's high quality multi-ply toilet tissue.
Divestment of its business in South East Asia, Taiwan, and South Korea for integration with Vinda International Holdings closed on April 1. SCA is the majority shareholder in Vinda, one of China's largest hygiene companies.
Pennsylvania (USA) Governor Tom Wolf’s office announced the pending deal in a recent news release. It had been kept mostly under wraps while the company secured about $623,000 in state grants and tax credits to lubricate the $6.6 million investment it has promised.
New unit, a Mod. 865 shafted in a 3,400-mm format, will be housed in Sofidel U.K.’s Lancaster plant. Delivery is scheduled for this summer (July 2016).
Success of the first two editions (2013 and 2015) of iT’s Tissue confirms that this road (a global tissue event headquartered in Lucca, Italy) is the right one, the Tissue Italy Network said.
"This service center supports Valmet's strategy of being close to customers and growth markets. We can provide significant customer benefits by utilizing our full offering of process technology, automation and services, and by continuously developing our local and remote services," said Jukka Tiitinen, president of Valmet Business Line Services.
Company will invest to expand and modernize its mills and plants across Europe. Included is a new tissue machine this year at the Piechowice mill in Poland, with a total capacity of 32,000 metric tpy.
Thanks to a shorter high-vacuum zone, the fabric deflection is significantly reduced and fabric wear is decreased. In addition, the adjustable SkySeal Plus sealing strips consistently optimize fabric runs and extend maintenance intervals.
Drysoft TAD fabric portfolio includes designs with the ideal topography options to optimize sheet softness, maximize sheet bulk, and improve machine efficiency.
OMET Americas, Inc.
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited
New Technologies
Fitesa is capable of providing spunmelt, carded, airlaid, and specialty fabrics for applications in baby care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence, as well as medical, agricultural, and industrial products.
Minilab 153 analyzes oil for contamination, chemistry, and machinery wear by integrating instrumentation for particle count, viscosity, infrared spectroscopy, ferrous wear, and wear particle characterization. The unit generates easy-to-interpret results and reports with OilView analytical software.
Latest edition of the handbook includes up-to-date information according to advances in SKF bearing design and performance, and offers guidance on application-specific bearing selection, for everything from the forming section to the reeler, in line with the changes in bearing dynamic load ratings in recent years.
Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Meeting is scheduled for May19, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Kadant Inc.
Xerium Technologies, Inc.
Safety Hats - Direct Digital Manufacturing Services

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