February 2023
Beyond Special Needs Trusts: 3 Additional Estate Planning Considerations for Special Needs Families
By Joanna R. Adu
Setting up a special needs trust may not be enough to provide for a family member with special needs. Additional steps include preparing instructive communications to all related persons about making monetary gifts to the special needs individual.
5 Estate Planning Mistakes Every Planner Should Avoid
By Bob Morrison
Neglecting a client’s estate plan can have a huge impact on a surviving spouse or their heirs. Learn about five estate planning mistakes to avoid, starting with leaving the wrong assets to charity at a client’s death, which can have a significant impact on what individual beneficiaries take away after taxes.
The 3 Tiers of Domestic and International Asset Protection Pools
By Elizabeth Morgan
How should clients decide which assets to protect and where to put them? You can think about a protective structure as three tiers divided into buckets that you fill as much as possible, starting with the first tier and proceeding to the second and third tiers as necessary.
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Advisors’ Limiting Beliefs Sabotage a Firm’s Bottom Line
By Michelle R. Donovan
There are a lot of truths that advisors hate to admit to anyone else, including fears and weaknesses that often cause them to underperform at business development. Much of what I hear falls into a category that, if left unaddressed, will sabotage a firm’s bottom line.
6 Myths about Boundaries in Professional Relationships
By Holly Donaldson
Financial planning is an intimate professional relationship. As financial professionals, though, the desire to reciprocate a client's fiscal intimacy can lead to blurred boundaries between client care and self-care.
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The Long-Term Value of NAPFA Conference Sessions
By Susan Weiner
An Exciting Year Ahead for NAPFA
By Leslie M. Stokes, interim CEO, NAPFA
Becky Krieger of Accredited Investors Wealth Management
Spring Conference registration, NAPFA Award deadline, celebrate NAPFA's
40th anniversary, pro bono opportunities, and more in the February issue.
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