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March 2016 In This Issue
Statewide News
Industry News
Industry Events and Education
Local Chapter Updates
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Statewide News
With the 2016 session of the Virginia General Assembly session drawing to a close, all of VAMA’s proactive legislative initiatives have been approved by the Senate and House of Delegates as of this week!
A hot topic here locally on the Peninsula, Airbnb has strong support as well as many in serious opposition. Read on to see how Brian Gordon who lobbies on behalf of VAMA legislative initiatives, breaks down the conversation and lets you know who some of the key players are at the Capitol.
Industry News
Town Council on Tuesday wrapped up the $1.4 million local incentive package for a first-of-its-kind housing project targeting lower income and older residents.
Area residents turned out for a focus group meeting for community strategic planning with Roanoke County Supervisors. Supervisors felt that the vision should come from the community. Residents were divided into groups and asked to make up a list of broad quality of life issues that relate to Roanoke County. They were then asked to shorten those lists to several of the most important issues from the first list. This will help administrators and planners help shape Roanoke County's first strategic plan.
Important quality of life issues that the focus group brought up included: Greenways, connectivity, mobility, walkability, and entertainment. One focus group member stated that he would like to see an expansion on the outdoor recreation availability in the Roanoke area.
Bill Chapman, a Richmond developer, has purchased a warehouse on Salem Ave. in downtown Roanoke and plans to turn it into seven studio apartments. These will stand out among the other urban living spaces in the area and appeal to "green thumbs." Each studio apartment will have an outdoor planter and a rain barrel for catching rainwater. No mention was made as to when he plans for this project to be completed. However, construction permits have been filed with the city. Chapman also plans for 1,500 square feet of the building to house a restaurant.
Apartment development and acquisitions are trending in Hampton Roads. Read on to see what panelists had to say.
Virginia Housing Development Authority
Industry Events and Education
The 2016 VAMA Conference - April 12-14, 2016. Click to Register!
27 cutting edge education sessions!
Opening kick off reception party!
Supplier Trade Show reception showcasing the best products and
services our industry has to offer!
NAA June Conference raffle giveaway benefiting the NAA Political
Action Committee (PAC)!

Not one, BUT TWO CHANCES at $1,000 CASH!
Smart Chic Megan Orser will present at VAMACON. This year, millennials will reach a major milestone, surpassing baby boomers and Gen Xers to become the largest generation in the American workforce. Are you ready?
Sue Weston Presents: There are many areas of Human Resource management that involve supervisors. While supervisors may not make some of the policies – they are influencers and enforcers. One of the latest areas of concern for supervisors has been in enforcing the employee handbook.
Click the link below to view VAMA's Annual Calendar of Events!

BRAC 03/15/16 Leasing Seminar & Keynote Luncheon
NRVAC 03/15/16 Educational Seminar
RVAA 03/17/16 Morning Perk - Roanoke
HRAC 3/18/16 Morning Coffee Meeting
CVAA 3/22/16 Marketing for Affordable Housing
VRHC 03/22/16 Leasing & Online Reputation Seminar
HRAC 3/24/16 ACE Awards Ceremony
BRAC 03/29/16: R-22 CFC/608 Universal Certification
CVAA 03/29/16 Fair Housing Certification
CVAA 03/30/16 Morning Coffee Meeting
CVAA 3/30/16: R-22 CFC Certification
Local Chapter Updates
Read on to get to know Kaitlin and find out her deepest secret...
One of the nicest guys in maintenance, get to know Chris Young...just be sure not to challenge him to a dance off because it gets real!
CVAA hosted the 7th annual Maintenance Appreciation Day and Maintenance Mania event on February 25th. National speaker Mark Cukro presented on "Trends in Maintenance" and how to "Start Saving Money Tomorrow."  

Special thanks to HD Supply, all local game sponsors, lunch sponsors and everyone who came out to cheer on the competitors. Congratulations to overall game winner, Daniel Pedraza-Vaca with Madison Apartment Group. They also went home with a $100 gift card and title of spirit competition champions. "
Members spoke, VRHC listened! We hosted a Round Table discussion to share tips and information on general business practices for this industry.
At the Morning Motivator meeting this month in Harrisonburg, VRHC invited guest speakers from the JMU Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices to provide tips for resolving resident conflicts.
BRAC is gearing up to host their 5th annual food drive to benefit the local area food bank. In 2014, we donated a total of 1,122 pounds of food and another 2,043 pounds in 2015. We want to top that again this year!
April 22 and 23 - Calling all professionals - Get your CAM or CAS certification. Certified Apartment Manager and Certified Apartment Supplier!

March 17 - Morning Perk - click for details on both!
Everyone loves Marketing, right? Lauren Curley certainly does and she delivered an excellent Marketing seminar to the RVAA in February.


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