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November 2015 In This Issue
Statewide News
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Industry Events and Education
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First Atlantic Restoration Inc
Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions
Belfor USA
Statewide News
Did you know if you join VAMA as an Owner/Manager member you can attend events everywhere in VA at the member rate? Can't make the Fair Housing class in Blacksburg, no problem...check the Roanoke schedule. Did you miss sending a leasing professional to a class in Richmond? Don't worry, Charlottesville is a short drive away! Remember to check on your neighboring affiliates' schedules too so you won't miss anything!
The Locker Room Lofts are opening its doors this month with a new spin on apartment living. The developer has renovated the empty YMCA building and has used some of the old furnishings and spaces in a rather creative way.
Upwards to 5,500 new jobs coming to Newport News with opening of new Tech Center
Have you ever asked why you pay dues? Do you wonder where they go? Click here and all will be answered!
Industry News
Brief Summary of Mold basics for Dealing with Mold & Mildew class for VAMA 2016
Quoting software is a computer program used to create detailed quotes in a fast, accurate as well as professional manner. It has powerful capabilities that make it a dependable business utility across all disciplines.
New gadgets seemingly pop up daily, promising to improve one’s apartment community and to make it more efficient. Are they really worth it? Before implementing a new wiz-bang technology, here are a few important factors to consider.
Carousel Signs & Designs, Inc.
Virginia Housing Development Authority
Deas Construction
Industry Events and Education
Join CVAA and attorney Chip Dicks for our November morning coffee networking meeting. This Month's Topic: Assistive Animals. Mr. Dicks will also be presenting the reasonable accommodation and modification
request forms that are going to be available for all VAMA members!

This event is FREE to attend, however to help us properly anticipate the number of attendees please RSVP for the event in advance!
NAAEI’s Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) program is an in-depth review of property management principles and techniques as used by the professional supervisor. This class will be held in Williamsburg, VA.
Held this year at the Omni from 6-8, come celebrate the season with BRAC!
Held at the Tobacco Company Club - reserve your space today!
Don't miss the early bird rate! Join NRVAC and find out who's the best of the best!
Put on your fancy party clothes, grab your significant other and register in advance to receive drink tickets! Held at Stefano's on the Market, this year's celebration will start your season off right!
Get TWO chances to win $200 CASH! Enjoy an open bar 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM and appetizers! Happily network with industry friends! Bring in the Holiday Season with a bang!
Breakfast and Lunch sponsors for Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS) class
Expo booths
Maintenance Mania Sponsorships and
much more!!!

Make the most of your membership through participation!
Click here to link to the events calendar!
Local Chapter Updates
Cabell Youell, Executive Director with St. Francis Service Dogs, spoke to our membership on the fine subject line of Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Animals. Ms. Youell outlined how St. Francis Service Dogs are trained and what they do for their disabled person. These amazing dogs go through two years of intensive training. There are some dogs that don’t complete the program. St. Francis dogs often bridge the stigma gap that society views the disabled person and can often draw other people to the disabled person in a positive way. Emotional Support Animals offer comfort and/or emotional support for a wide range of mental disabilities.
Get to know Drucker & Falk's maintenance superstar out at Holly Point Apartments, John Mechtel! Thirty years in the business and going strong :)
The RVAA hosted our annual Reverse Trade Show in October. Budget season was in full swing for many managers and owners. We are thankful to all of our sponsors that made this important day possible and to our supplier member participants. We have received great feedback from our membership that enjoyed both the morning seminar as well as the trade show. Kudos to our supplier members helping us managers save our owners time and money!
Signature Management's Donje Putnam discussed Accountability & Commitment.
CVAA Trade Show Disco had some big winners! Find out which exhibitor won Best Booth and who won the $1,000!
Get to know one of Hampton Roads' newest vendors on the block
You could say I was driven to RPM. I was working 12-hour days selling cars, and I knew it wasn’t the long-term career choice I was looking for. When I became a new mother, I also needed a new career with flexibility. I joined the residential property management (RPM) industry in a part-time leasing position and grew fast in the job.
Are you making the most of your BRAC Listing? Renters are using BRAC's ILS to look for apartments. Check out the video tutorial below to ensure you are maximizing your online presence with BRAC.


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