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More than you think... Check out the 7 main reasons holding back your lease renewals.
Join Liesbet for 2 sessions at the VAMA conference, April 25, where she’ll present:
1.  You Are Not Your Job! Prevent Burnout For Work/Life Balance  and
2.  Your 4-Word Business Plan: Rediscover Your Inspiration & Reinvent Your Business.
Click below for a sneak peak article.
Imagine this: You’re running specials every week on social media, discounting your two-bedroom, two-bath floor plan below market rent, but still, no one is coming in to lease your two bedroom apartments. What gives?  Is no one interested in living at your community, being close to the local night life, and experiencing the vibe of an urban environment?  No.  That’s certainly not the case. It’s probably because you are ignoring psychographics.
The VAMA 2019 Capital Focus is ready and waiting for your review.  Find out about all the legislation pertaining to apartment management that will take effect on July 1, 2019.
How can your company showcase their mission and make a difference to your bottom line?  Attend this session at VAMACON!
Ground Maintenance & Landscaping With a Manicured Touch
A Lawn Beautician
We perform a number of grounds maintenance and related services on HOA's, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and the Public. We are Large Acreage Specialists. Our services include but are not limited to * Mowing Duties * Irrigation Service and Repair * Pruning * Mulching * Chemical treatments for turf and tree/shrubs* Tree Services * Landscape installation projects * Drainage Solutions * Snow Removal
Learn More Here
First Atlantic Restoration Inc
Belfor USA
Build Your Skills
Read why Vicki Sharp is excited about VAMACON and about her two topics:
Life, Liberty, and Fair Housing for All!
Maintenance…Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Are you in your genius zone?  Do you know what a "genius" zone is?  Join Debbie Phillips for both of her sessions at VAMACON - Genius Zone and Habit Stacking:  Routines, Rituals and Responses.
Why should you know your leadership language?  Read this article and join the workshop at VAMACON!
What Are You Spending Your Company’s Money on To Keep Your Employees Happy?  It is increasingly difficult to find and keep team members.  This session and article will help leaders keep their employees happy.
Zack Miller breaks down what you need to know about marketing at VAMACON:
At VAMACon, Zack will walk you through:
1. Branding 101
2. Storytelling like a WWE Superstar
3. What content should you create
4. If you asked someone what you did, would they correctly answer it? Using keywords correctly throughout your campaigns
5. How to create the most amazing relationships with teammates, customers and everyone in between.
Calendar Highlights
Don't miss out on thie hottest ticket in town.  Speakers from across the country are coming to Norfolk.  Make sure you aren't left out of the conversation.
VRHC 3/19/19 Lunch & Learn (Winchester)
BRAC 3/20/19 Committee Meeting Day
CVAA 3/20/19 Maintenance Mania & Appreciation Day (SOLD OUT)
RLRAC 3/21/19 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg)
RLRAC 3/22/19 Fair Housing Certification Course
RLRAC 3/25/19 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
NRVAC 3/26/19 Educational Seminar- Marketing Seminar
CVAA 3/26/19 Fair Housing Certification
VAMA 3/27/19 Committee Meeting Day
CVAA 3/27 & 3/28: Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
BRAC 3/28/19 Property Crisis Training: Seminar & Keynote Luncheon
HRAC 3/28/19 Events & Education Committee Meeting
HRAC 3/29/19 ACE Awards Ceremony
CVAA 4/2/2019 Supplier Council Meeting
BRAC 4/8/19: Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course
VRHC 4/10/19 Morning Motivator (Harrisonburg)
CVAA 4/12/19 Morning Coffee Meeting- State of the Market Presentation
CVAA 4/16 & 4/17 CVAA Triple Play
HRAC 4/17 & 4/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
Drucker and Falk, LLC
Development News
A developer wants to bring 200 apartments to the Portsmouth waterfront - City Council is still wevaluating the project.
The Developer of a proposed 600 unit high density project withdrew their request for rezoning so that a new plan can be presented in April to Council.
After out of town buyers purchased the property in October for $24.4 Million, another $3 Million of renovations are planned.
Atlanta-based Pollack Shores Real Estate Group was the buyer and along with revamping some commercial space, the company plans multi-million renovations to the apartments.
The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors donated land and the deteriorating building to a management company for redevelopment.
Getting student apartments approved for development in Blacksburg may become more difficult.  Town Council will be taking a closer look at all requests.
The Cinema World project may be dead but the Highland Avenue site may still get apartments.
Blacksburg Town Council approved rezoning with changes to parking requirements for a 215 unit community on Patrick Henry Drive.
A vote to rezone an area near "stadium woods" for a highly dense development was delayed by Town Council.