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December 2020
The theme for this month’s newsletter centers around "Being Thankful & Hopeful in Challenging Times." This year has been difficult for many inside and outside our industries. We may struggle to remember the good things that happened, but in a year filled with so much uncertainty and disappointment, we find treasures. We learned how strong our relationships are, as they’ve been maintained during a year of not being able to see one another or talk face-to-face. We’ve learned to appreciate the small things, like the unexpected sale or maybe an unexpected visit from a friend or business partner. This Holiday season, as we celebrate with family and friends, we should reflect not only on the challenges we’ve faced this year, but also on the blessings found, which continue to develop in this most interesting of years.
I really love our theme, "Being Thankful and Hopeful in Challenging Times," though I was concerned when I suggested this to Andy Hawbaker, our new TMRA Chairman, that he and others would see it as just a bit too "Pollyanna." Fortunately, I think, Andy gave me the thumbs up. As for Pollyanna (1960 Disney Movie) and her comments to the Minister, hoping you’ll join with me, with TMRA in 2021 in looking for, reaching for, the good, the positive, rather than focusing on all of the trials.
"Being Thankful and Hopeful in Challenging Times" – What a wonderful theme for the newsletter. This year has definitely been a challenging year for the TMRA teacher workshops. In the past, TMRA has offered six teacher workshops during the summer. Due to COVID 19, we were able to partner with TACA and host an Industrial Minerals camp. The remaining five camps were cancelled leaving teacher applicants, TMRA education staff, and mining partners feeling perplexed and saddened. During the COVID shutdown, I read an article "11 Ways to Stay Positive During Difficult Times." This is the perfect time to revisit some of the mood-boosting strategies. Click below to read more.
From the Membership Committee: We would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year. As we put the year, known as 2020, in the rearview mirror, 2021 is looking much brighter for adding new members to our organization. TMRA is a great opportunity to network with key companies and the individuals that manage them and support them. As we move into the new year, please reach out with any membership opportunities. Enjoy the Holidays!
Have you seen the joke going around – "I’m staying up till midnight on New Year’s Eve; not to welcome 2021 in, but to make sure 2020 goes out." Well, regardless of how we feel about 2020, we did have a somewhat successful (albeit a smaller one) 2020 Annual Meeting. Click below to read more and learn about our plans for 2021!
During the 4th quarter of 2020, many factors took place that will set the stage for TMRA activity in 2021. Click below to learn more.
TMRA, in a partnership with TACA, hosted a 5-day professional development opportunity for 25 teachers from across the state of Texas. The workshop focused on the mining of aggregates and included tours of a quarry, concrete facility, and cement plant. Click below to learn more and see photos!
The 2020 TMRA golf tournament was held at the Apple Rock golf course at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. As always, the tournament was a big success and everyone had fun, fellowship, and enjoyed a beautiful day of golf. We would like to thank our sponsors and everyone that contributed door prizes for the tournament. Click below to read more and see photos from the event!
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Industry News
As President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris line up their priorities for the coming four years, much of their agenda rests on a foundation provided by the nation’s nearly 600,000 miners — miners and a mining industry ready to do their parts to help drive America’s post-pandemic recovery.
We are in the process of developing a social media campaign for our Facebook and Twitter social media channels – #TheFutureIsBright – to highlight how you, a TMRA member, are supplying the power and materials that ensure a bright future as we move into 2021.
Email Christian Goff at cgoff@pureenergypr.com to learn more or to submit your photo. 
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Sponsor a Teacher
You can Sponsor A Teacher anytime during the year. This Sponsor A Teacher program gives all members/companies an opportunity to support TMRA’s successful teacher education program. A contribution of $1,500 will sponsor one teacher for a workshop that covers teaching materials, meals, lodging, etc. This is your chance to promote our industry by sponsoring a teacher! To learn more, click below.
Regulatory Update
According to the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), on Monday Dec. 7, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for Particulate Matter (PM), retaining the current standard for both coarse PM (PM10) and fine PM (PM2.5).
In mine rescues, the timing of medical care is critical. The mining division of the Special Medical Response Team exists to enhance the medical resources available to mine rescue teams.
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