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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins – Being Thankful and Hopeful in Challenging Times

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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins – Being Thankful and Hopeful in Challenging Times

I really love our theme, “Being Thankful and Hopeful in Challenging Times,” though I was concerned when I suggested this to Andy Hawbaker, our new TMRA Chairman, that he and others would see it as just a bit too “Pollyanna.” Fortunately, I think, Andy gave me the thumbs up. As for Pollyanna (1960 Disney Movie) and her comments to the Minister, hoping you’ll join with me, with TMRA in 2021 in looking for, reaching for, the good, the positive, rather than focusing on all of the trials.

I say “fortunately” on our theme, in part, because of my opportunity, your opportunity, to read what other TMRA Members have provided for this eNewsletter. To illustrate, I encourage you to read and consider the thoughtful and on-point words written by our Education Director, Cheryl Allison. She hits the nail on the head with our theme and our COVID-19 times in so many ways. Only wish I could have expressed as well. How would you like to come in the door, with expectations from yourself and others to hit the ground running, only to find that there were really big roadblocks that, as it turned out, would not allow nearly the “success” that was planned? I put success in quotes because I absolutely believe that Cheryl’s first year, with her leadership, has been a success. And not just Cheryl but everyone that has worked with and for TMRA’s Education and Outreach Efforts has gone above and beyond.

As we were only able to safely hold one Teacher Workshop, that for Industrial Minerals, I’d be remiss in not saying THANKS to Josh Leftwich, the TACA President, and Robert Gentry (Allstate Fire Equipment), both a TMRA and TACA Member, for leading the way to being able to hold this Workshop safely and, thankfully, with outstanding support from TACA Members with personnel, sites for tours AND, for sure, sponsorship dollars. TMRA is working hard with TACA to make this partnership even more successful in the future.

I hope that when you are reading my Executive Director’s Message you have already had the opportunity to read the first Chairman’s Letter from Andy. His leadership during 2021 will be critical and, as I’ve worked with him for a number of years, will be thoughtful and unwavering. As this is our END of 2020 updates, be sure to take some time reading the rest of our eNewsletter, whether the update from Cathy Pierce on the Annual Meeting, the update and encouragement from Tim Nice on Membership or the news clips and updates. Review and consider where we have been, where we are and, for sure, where we should set our goals and work as we look ahead.

The bottom line on all of this is that TMRA is better, stronger, more effective WITH YOU! Stay with us. You ARE very much appreciated! Enjoy your holidays SAFELY and we’ll see you in 2021! Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to continue working with every one of you. It’s an honor and privilege!

Take care!

Ches Blevins,
TMRA Executive Director


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