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January 2020
Our company has been actively involved with TMRA for as long as I can remember and probably longer. I have personally been involved for the past ten years or so. During those ten years, we have seen five state legislative sessions, two federal administration changes, numerous revisions to rules and regulations pertaining to mining and reclamation, as well as an untold number of other challenges to our business. Virtually every industry that we represent has experienced challenges and changes in their business. At the center of all this change is one constant – TMRA and the folks that are passionate about accomplishing our mission!
Although I’ll take a shot at answering the above, it’s much more important for YOU to answer! You could say I’m just a bit biased in this area. If you did say or think that, you’d be correct ... and I’m proud of my bias. Why shouldn’t I be proud to be associated with industries (Coal/Lignite, Uranium, Industrial Minerals) that have literally powered our Texas and United States economy and responsible growth for decades and, very importantly, carried that responsibility while providing good jobs, great tax base and protecting, even enhancing, our environment.
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Industry News
A new paper (PDF) from America's Power examines the all-too-common claim that generation from coal-fueled power plants can easily and inexpensively be replaced by generation from renewable sources.
U.S. production of uranium concentrate (U3O8) in the third quarter of 2019 was 32,211 pounds, down 27% from the second quarter of 2019 and down 94% from the third quarter of 2018.
"Please help save our coal industry from total destruction," said Bill Reid, Managing Editor of Coal Zoom. "If what’s left of the US coal industry is to be saved, Obama’s EPA CO2 endangerment finding must be overturned and we need your help to fund our efforts to make it happen."
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Regulatory Update
Acting Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said this week he has received a directive from President Trump to boost the struggling coal industry.
The MSHA Stakeholder conference call in December showed that MSHA will focus on contractors in 2020 due to the number of fatalities that have involved contractors. Click below to learn more.
Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Instructor Nick Ullrich is refining mine safety training with his new, award-winning virtual reality software training program.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has reported that without CCS it will be practically impossible to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Crucially, this technology enables countries to strengthen energy security and boost economic growth, without sacrificing their climate priorities.
Ramaco Carbon has secured millions in federal grants for research aimed at recalibrating coal from a dated, dirty energy source into materials that can revolutionize engineering and medical technology.
Legislative Update
Joe Biden had a moment on the campaign trail Monday in Derry, New Hampshire that created a stir. During a campaign event, he was asked about the coal mining industry’s future in a green new world. As he frequently does, Biden trashed the fossil fuel sector.
NRECA CEO Jim Matheson told a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee recently that diversity of electric generation options, including baseload sources, is essential to meeting co-op members’ expectations in a carbon-constrained economy.
In keeping with the Trump Administration’s efforts to streamline environmental permitting for large infrastructure projects, such as water supply reservoirs, roadways, and pipelines, the Council on Environmental Quality ("CEQ") issued a pre-publication version of a rulemaking undertaking significant revisions to implementing regulations for the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA") on January 9, 2020.
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