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Chairman’s Message By Jeff Mason: Who and What is TMRA to Me?

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Chairman’s Message By Jeff Mason: Who and What is TMRA to Me?

Our company has been actively involved with TMRA for as long as I can remember and probably longer. I have personally been involved for the past ten years or so. During those ten years, we have seen five state legislative sessions, two federal administration changes, numerous revisions to rules and regulations pertaining to mining and reclamation, as well as an untold number of other challenges to our business. Virtually every industry that we represent has experienced challenges and changes in their business.

At the center of all this change is one constant – TMRA and the folks that are passionate about accomplishing our mission!

For TMRA, our objective is to navigate these changes while maintaining our balance of production, environmental protections and public perceptions. Our group does a very good job of that because it is our people that make it happen. Our membership is strong and very active in tracking the challenges we face and, more importantly, helping to mitigate the issues before they become challenges.

Who and what is TMRA to me? It is an assortment of like-minded individuals who have grouped together with a common goal of supporting our industry and who are not afraid to stand firm in the face of our ever-present industry issues. I am proud to be able to serve with these individuals and certainly enjoy the camaraderie that we have developed over the past several years.

Take a minute to consider some of the many ways you can become involved with an organization that has such a great influence in so many areas.

Jeff Mason
TMRA Chairman


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