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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Who and What is TMRA to Me?

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Executive Director's Message: Who and What is TMRA to Me?

Although I’ll take a shot at answering the above, it’s much more important for YOU to answer! You could say I’m just a bit biased in this area. If you did say or think that, you’d be correct ... and I’m proud of my bias.

Why shouldn’t I be proud to be associated with industries (Coal/Lignite, Uranium, Industrial Minerals) that have literally powered our Texas and United States economy and responsible growth for decades and, very importantly, carried that responsibility while providing good jobs, great tax base and protecting, even enhancing, our environment.

Our industries CARE! 

TMRA is and has been a key Association that has taken the lead in Texas, on behalf of these industries and ALL TEXAS CITIZENS, to assure that our natural resources are recovered and used FOR OUR CITIZENS in a responsible manner. We balance the need for these resources with protecting the health and safety of our citizens and protection of our environment. TMRA promotes this balance by working with our State Agencies, our Legislature and State Leaders, by coordinating with other State and National Associations and, very importantly, by Educating our Teachers and others through our Teacher Workshops and Public Outreach. We don’t sell, we educate!

So TMRA, to me, is the very best avenue to both stay informed and to educate others on the VALUE of our Industries to Texas. Being both a Member and a Participant is my small way of spreading the word and saying THANKS to those associated with TMRA and our Industries that have supported Me, My Family, My State and My Country for my entire life, for sure since I entered the Professional ranks as an Attorney in 1973.

I wouldn’t change my relationship with TMRA and its Members in any way other than to have done more. Looking forward to working with everyone in our Industries as we go forward, facing challenges and opportunities together. We’re stronger WITH YOU! God Bless and Happy New Year!

Ches Blevins,
TMRA Executive Director


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