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The RVDA of Canada is pleased to announce that it has formed a new endorsement partnership with PURIFYD®.
Nominations for the second annual "40 Under 40" Awards, which identifies current and future leaders in the RV Industry who are under 40 years of age are now open!
Your techs can't possibly know everything, but they can try! Empower them by giving them more tools! Many new products were rolled out last week with more features added to meet ever growing consumer-demand. Systems put in place be it aftermarket or OEM integration, are designed with the consumer in mind to make their RV lives easier. Great. This system is brand new and have been tested at the plant but with no logged user experience. Wouldn't it be nice if the manufacturer tells you where to start with your diagnostics?
The 2018 RV Dealers Convention Expo will feature a special "Super Lawyers Panel" with RV industry legal experts who can help dealerships avoid costly lawsuits.
There's only 36 days left for registration, Don't delay, Register now and Book your accommodations! Vegas Rooms at a Premium, RVDA Urges Booking Now!
Your Destination Awaits!
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Whether you are travelling across country to a favourite destination, exploring someplace new, checking off a bucket-list location or just going across town, Roadtrek has a coach to suit any travel needs! Every Roadtrek motorhome is backed by our industry leading six-year, warranty.
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Try Wheelbase, a free-to-use RV rental and fleet management software that offers an on-demand $2M instant commercial insurance policy powered by Aviva that you pay NO monthly fees for. Wheelbase also enables a free booking integration to your website, online credit card processing, on-demand Roadside Assistance and more.
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