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Join industry professionals from across Ontario for the 2021 ORCGA Damage Prevention Symposium.
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OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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Source:  TrenchlessPedia
Hydrovac trucks are a class of industrial vacuum trucks used primarily for digging and excavation purposes. The operation of these trucks is relatively straightforward—high-pressure water is used to break up the soil, while a high-powered vacuum removes the slurry from the site into a debris tank mounted on the truck.
Source:  Webutility
Members are notified to remark utilities when the locates are still valid, and this costs money. It is also a problem because it creates confusion, and a paperwork headache for contractors.
Source:  Ontario One Call
Ontario One Call launched a survey just for excavators. The information collected will help Ontario One Call make future decisions.
Source:  BHC Rhodes
Since strong legislative requirements for abandoned utilities are lacking, most obsolete underground utilities are typically abandoned in place by the owner, who has no economic incentive to do otherwise.
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Source:  Common Ground Alliance
This whitepaper which features insights from a critical stakeholder group: locators, including technicians and managers.
Marking the location of buried utilities is a cornerstone of the damage prevention process, and it’s clear from a survey of more than 400 locate technicians, and in-depth interviews with 20 locating industry decision-makers, that this stakeholder group is deeply committed to improving the safety of worksites through accurate and on-time locates.
Source:  Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
This document provides an overview of the various elements of the excess soil regulation, including key dates when rules come into effect in early 2021.
Source:  Cision
Key elements of this project include widening a 600-metre concrete channel through downtown Brampton, replacing bridges and raising roadways. The current channel, built in 1952, will be widened and deepened to increase capacity levels in Etobicoke Creek, bridges in the project area will be replaced with larger span structures and elevated roadways will prevent flooding into urban areas.
Source:  Nation Valley News
Municipalities would be well served to make a standard demand for conduit when developers seek permission to excavate on municipal property and rights of ways — from wind and solar project builders, to pipeline companies and subdivision developers.
Source:  CBC
There is a fibre optic cable running through the town, but very few can connect to it. One internet provider had said that his town had been labelled "NWD." It means "Not Worth Doing."
Source:  ROMA
Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) has developed a Municipal Connectivity Roadmap to help municipal governments implement tangible steps and initiatives around connectivity.
Source:  T&D World
Minnesota Power is designing and building the 224-mile (360 km), 500-kV Great Northern Transmission Line through some of the most extensive peat bogs found in the U.S. to connect Minnesota Power to Manitoba Hydro across the U.S.-Canadian border.
Source:  Canada Energy Regulator/Smithsonian Magazine
The Canada Energy Regulator provides interesting statistics on Ontario’s energy production, consumption, and trade.
Source:  Wired
Boosted by advances in sensors and artificial intelligence, a new generation of machines is automating a tech-averse industry.
Source:  CSR Wire
This initiative launched by Enbridge Gas and Hydrogenics is the first of its kind in North America.
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Source:  RESCON
Canada still favours conservative technology solutions over innovative ones, which leads to inadequate growth in much-needed physical and digital infrastructure, the research indicates, adding the U.K., Australia, Singapore and South Korea have forged ahead with digitized systems.
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
What can we do to enhance the safety of our organization and to enhance our capability as safety leaders?
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
From 1910s to the 1960s, Canada was on a slow (but steady) road to safety. Those decades saw multiple pieces of legislation aimed at both making workers safe and setting up fair compensation for workers injured on the job.
Source:  Government of Ontario
Thomas Burrowes was a Rideau Canal overseer, surveyor, and clerk. However, it was as an artist that he made his mark on history. These works, now part of the Archives of Ontario collection of documentary art, give us insight into one of the most important engineering projects of the 19th century – the creation of a navigable waterway to link the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario.
Source:  British Tunnelling Society/YouTube
This presentation looks at the system by which tunnels were built in the 19th Century following the traditional English method. It will include illustrations to show elements of the setting out and sinking of shafts, driving a heading, opening out the main tunnel and lining it and will end by describing some historical tunnel features.
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