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Source:  ReNew Canada
In the rush to erect new hospitals, expand highways, and build new transit systems, one class of assets has, for the most part, been left behind: aging assets. These are the assets that, while not yet ready to be replaced, need a plan for how to keep them thriving for the communities they serve.
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Source:  ConstructConnect
The implementation of Ontario’s new excess soil regulation has been delayed until January 2021, to the relief of some stakeholders who state it will give them extra time to strategize on how to deal with excess soil generated on construction projects.
Some Locate Administrators have gone from spending the better part of a day managing locates, to just a few minutes.
Source:  ConstructConnect
However, builders in the residential and infrastructure sectors expected to recover from losses suffered during the shutdown days of the COVID-19.
Source:  ReNew Canada
70 per cent of remote communities are overwhelmingly reliant on diesel fuel for heating and electricity generation, a polluting fuel that must be transported into the community at a high cost.
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Source:  Inside Ottawa Valley
The pandemic has underscored the urban/rural digital divide. It is our hope, and that of many other rural municipalities, that investments in rural broadband are treated with the same urgency as public transit in urban areas.
Source:  Electrical Business
Ontario has some three dozen waterpower assets that have been generating electricity for over 100 years!
Source:  News Ontario
The Northshore and Peninsula Roads Expansion Project involves the construction of 27 kilometers of new natural gas pipeline by Enbridge.
Greater Sudbury city staff will recommend council move forward with a hot-in-place asphalt recycling (HIR) pilot project, but at a reduced scope than originally proposed.
Source:  Berkeley Research
The 95-year-old tunnel was in urgent need of repair. Corrosion was attacking cables and circuit breakers, as well as power and tack equipment. The tunnel’s concrete walls were degrading, and replacing the old wall’s lining was a priority.
Source:  ConstructConnect
Falling costs and renewable-friendly energy policies adopted by several countries are prominent reasons why solar photovoltaic and wind capacity projects are expected to climb this decade.
Source:  McKinsey Global Institute
In recent years, extreme weather events have highlighted infrastructure vulnerabilities. When infrastructure fails, the result is not only direct asset damage but, often, large socioeconomic knock-on effects as services are disrupted.
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
Construction companies have a number of risks associated with COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has been, and continues to be, a difficult challenge for public health, political and policy decision makers as well as the Boards of organizations.
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
ASSP launches new hub of educational materials and resources. Through this online initiative, ASSP aims to reach safety professionals worldwide.
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
Work fatigue can cause or contribute to very serious workplace incidents.
Source:  Institute for Work & Health
On one underground service truck, a 17-kilogram propane tank that once had to be lifted in and out of a trench many times a day now stays on the vehicle. A retractable hose is used instead to take the torch to the trench, reducing the manual handling required.
Source:  Kenora Online
The utility has worked to reconnect power to residents who had their electricity disconnected during the Red Lake Fire.
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