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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
The Lucca-based Group continues its development in the markets of paper for hygienic and sanitary use in Europe

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The machines will be installed in the Xiaogan mill, Hubei

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The 30,000-tonne/yr unit will be installed in the Klippan mill in Sweden

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This is due to a mandated restriction on natural gas supply in North China

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Some 30 million euros has been spent on sustainable heat generation in the past five years

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According to the Orange County Register, Kimberly-Clark intends to shutter its plant here as part of a restructuring it announced last month, the paper products giant has confirmed. The plant, which opened in 1956, employs 330 people. "Kimberly-Clark has informed employees at the Fullerton manufacturing facility of its proposed plan to close this facility," company spokesperson Terry Balluck said in an email.

Andritz will supply a 70,000-tonne/yr machine for the Euro 120-million project

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The two have combined sales of about Euro 100 million and have shown sustained growth

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Futura’s Marco Dell’Osso has stepped up to assume the role

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From The Experts
A panel of instructors will share their experience and knowledge in the latest practices and processes at the TAPPI Tissue 201: Operations and Runnability course in May

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The ninth North American edition of TW takes place in the newly-renovated Miami Beach Convention Center

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Clouth Sprenger, LLC
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
The project is part of a plan to relaunch for its factory in Fomaci di Barga

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According to The Recorder, Seaman Paper Company is one step closer to building a new warehouse after the Orange Planning Board voted to approve the company’s project application — contingent upon town Water Department approval of the proposed water utility design. Company president George D. Jones was present with Fitchburg-based engineer Sean Pepper and others at the meeting to review the application for a proposed 165,000-ft2 warehouse, with associated access, parking, drainage and landscaping. The project would include a proposed new septic system and connection to Orange’s water system.

The Valmet unit is one of four ordered from the company in 2012

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Voith supplied the 60,000-tonne/yr unit, the fourth ExcelLine launched by Lee & Man in 2017

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No action had been taken to correct a previously identified hazard

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Toscotec supplied the new 50,000-tonne/yr MODULO-PLUS PM 26 tissue machine

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According to the Lewiston Tribune, Clearwater Paper expects to permanently eliminate as many as 100 union jobs this spring from its staff of 1,400 in Lewiston. Some of the cuts - between 80 and 100 positions - will be through attrition or by not filling open slots, said Clearwater Paper spokeswoman Shannon Myers. The downsizing is tentatively scheduled to start in May and will involve the 500-member staff of the tissue division, Myers said.

American Baler Company
Voith supplied the units for the Imperatriz and Mucuri, Brazil, facilities

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The company will also supply engineering, commissioning and training

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Both machines reached their required guaranteed parameters just two weeks after startup

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China’s Shantou Piaohe Paper has kicked off trial production on a new 12,000-tonne/yr tissue machine at its sole mill in Shantou city, Guangdong province. The unit, supplied by Chinese supplier Baotuo Paper Machinery Engineering, has a trim width of 2.86 m and a design speed of 800 m/min. Its startup was initially scheduled for August last year. The firm did not explain the delay. An identical tissue line was commissioned at the site in December 2014.

New Technologies
With a view towards, INDUSTRY 4.0, Extreme Automation is the A.Celli Group’s answer for the efficiency of the production system.

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It is a German-based hygiene products machine equipment manufacturer

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OMET Americas, Inc.
Kadant Solutions Division
Warehouse Specialist
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited
Naylor Association Solutions