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OMET Launches FV.6 machine in its FV Line of Vacuum Folding Solutions

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OMET innovation has introduced the new version of its FV line, the high-performing vacuum folding solution especially dedicated to the production of dispenser napkins. This type of napkin is typical of the American market but its use has been spreading rapidly throughout Europe.

The FV.6 is the new machine introduced in the FV line, the vacuum folding solution by OMET. Thanks to the six lanes and several technological innovations, it provides high-performance, automatic process and enhanced efficiency during the entire productive process.

The entire converting process can be entirely controlled from the main panel thanks to a group of cameras installed inside the machine, which allow real-time inspection and control, zoom and images rewind. Even the napkin size, the speed and the folding can be selected with a simple touch from the main panel.

It features a new transfer unit with two deliveries working alternately. The stacking system is more efficient and enables the production of dispenser napkins with 1/8 folding, widespread in the American disposable market and recently also in Europe. Thanks to the guided sliding system, it can produce packets up to 350 mm, with no risk of falling. It can also be integrated with different type of packing machines.

The machine can produce sizes up to 17 x 17 inches at the maximum speed of 250 m/min, but it can also use more than one reel or wider reels. Thus, despite a reduced production speed, it has the same production capability of a mechanical folding machine with less possible mistakes.

The machine is 4.7 m high and is protected by a cabin, which increases safety and prevents the operator from touching any hazardous part. Maintenance is simple and involves a very limited direct intervention of the operator and the job changeover can be carried out easily in less than two minutes, guaranteeing low waste and high productivity.

Thanks to its modular design, the FV Line can integrate different finishing groups (embossing, folding, printing, etc), thus offering extensive customization to suit customers’ needs. The machine is equipped with a servomotor for each folding cylinder and servomotors controlling the vacuum valves.

The FV.6 completes the range of machines based on vacuum-folding technology, juxtaposed to traditional segment of mechanical folding machines.


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