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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Park is in the small town of Sahagun City near the SCA Sahagun Tissue plant and distribution center. The tree planting project is part of the SCA’s urban reforestation program in Mexico.

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Kleenex from Olayan Kimberly-Clark Arabia (Dammam, Saudi Arabia) is donating one Saudi Riyal for each purchase of the marked donation bundle packs of Kleenex facial tissues to the First Welfare Society orphanage in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in celebration of the brand’s 60-year anniversary in the Middle East and the launch of its #share_the_softness campaign.

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Company's R&D center. Canada's biggest private research center in the pulp and paper tissue and packaging industry, has a team of 45 seasoned scientists, composed of chemists, microbiologists, engineers, and technicians, working in close collaboration with the company's Environment Department, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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TAPPI's most popular tissue course offers an introductory level curriculum designed for anyone new to tissue or needs to strengthen their existing knowledge to help or train others.

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Archived versions of several educational webinars on tissue topics including softness, metallized yankee coatings, doctor setup, vibration monitoring, and others are free to TAPPI members.

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Be part of the only peer-reviewed tissue technical program in North America to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, on May 16-18, 2016.

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Heritage Global Partners
Naylor Association Solutions
Kadant Solutions Division
Market Roundup
Converted product shipments 2.0% higher y/y (+2.0% 5 mo. YTD), parent roll production increased 1.7% y/y (+1.7% 5 mo. YTD). Higher operating rate percentages reported.

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Company hiked prices by at least 5.5%, depending on the type of product, to all customers in Italy and Spain, effective with shipments that began July 13.

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"United States of America: Toilet Paper - Market Report - Analysis And Forecast to 2020" report provides an in-depth analysis of the market for toilet paper in the U.S., presenting the latest data of the market size, consumption, domestic production, exports and imports, price dynamics, and trends in the industry.

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Total volume of wood pulp exports from Russia increased to 988,700 metric tons y/y. Russian pulp exports increased by 5.1% in value and totaled some $524.4 million.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
New plant serves Kemira’s customers in both paper and O&M segments in the Nordics, Western Russia, and Eastern European rim and strengthens its capabilities in these growth areas.

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Embossing of tissue products is an increasing trend in Europe, where mature markets—with the recent increase of private labels—stand alongside developing markets in which the definition of quality is undergoing a rapid change.

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The 2014 Sustainability Report highlights Kimberly-Clark's progress toward its multi-year Sustainability 2015 goals and introduces the framework for the company's new 2022 platform. The target year, 2022, will coincide with the celebration of the company's 150th anniversary.

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The conversion, expected to come on-stream in early 2017, will be done as a joint venture project with Roto-cart, an Italy-based tissue converter.

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Poulsen, who also will serve as a member of the company’s management board, will start in his new position on November 1.

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Taylor will succeed A.G. Lafley as P&G’s president and CEO, effective November 1, and also has been appointed to the company’s board of directors.

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Offices and workshop have been set up together with a new "show room"—a space where Pulsar will show some of its latest innovations.

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Tissue machine will have a production capacity of 78 metric tpd and will run at 1,500 m/min with a 2,850 mm net sheet width.

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SCA, Sweden, reports that its facilities in Allo, Spain, have been upgraded by A.Celli, Italy, which installed a refurbished rewinder and a major upgrade on the drive side and slitting unit of its tissue machine. A.Celli Paper dismantled on-site the existing machinery and installed rebuilt equipment with new drive and automation and safety systems, as well as the new, latest-generation cutting system.

With the new rewinder, the SCA Spain facility has improved overall performance, instantly experiencing an improvement in paper quality and, consequently, a better finished product.

SCA is a global hygiene and forest products company that develops personal care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products. Sales are conducted in some 100 countries. The company has many brands, including the global brands TENA and Tork. Its largest markets, in terms of sales, are Germany, France, U.K. and ROI, USA, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, and Russia. In Spain, the company has a portfolio of incontinence products, baby diapers, feminine care products, consumer tissue, and away-from-home tissue.

Company is set to invest some SEK 650 million (about $75.4 million) in a new production facility in Brazil for the manufacture of incontinence products, with production scheduled to begin in 2016.

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The North American market for years has remained skeptical of this type of substitute, but is now beginning to change as multiple businesses have created a path for larger scale production of higher quality straw waste blended paper, including tissue, for the region.

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The acquired operations mainly supply rewinders for tissue and non-woven machines. In the past years, the net sales of the acquired business has been around EUR 10 million. The operations employ 33 people and are located in Pescia, close to Lucca, Italy.

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Yanker is a director emeritus at McKinsey & Co. He served at McKinsey for 27 years, from 1986 to 2013, where he worked with a variety of clients in the industrial, consumer, and telecommunications sectors.

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Company has successfully started up its second Andritz (Graz, Austria) tissue machine with a steel yankee dryer. The new PrimeLineST C8 machine has a design speed of 1,900 m/min and a width of 2.85 meters.

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New Technologies
Futura, Italy, launched a complete new converting solution at IT’s Tissue, which redraws the boundaries for tissue roll products converting for the benefit of customers.

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Company has inaugurated "a new era in tissue converting" with its Constellation technology. New rewinder radically changes the concept of winding, Fabio Perini notes.

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New technology is applied to rewinders that also run with cores, and is not a specialty machine for dedicated coreless production. Thus, it can quickly and easily switch between production with or without cores.

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Unit can establish communications between rewinder, accumulator, logsaw, wrapper, bundler, palletizer, case packer, conveyors, etc., by managing communication protocols (up to integration with OPC server).

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New modular approach combines latest technology developments of Toscotec pressing systems with low carbon footprint MILLTECH yankee hoods, creating a synergy of different equipment dedicated to improving performance of tissue machines, to reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs.

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New paper machine forming fabrics are designed for manufacturing demanding board and packaging papers and also graphic grades. The fabrics are part of Voith’s I-Series, Special feature of fabrics in the I-Series is their warp ratio of 3:2.

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Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
During this meeting, the world’s leading yankee dryer owners and service providers will discuss opportunities to improve yankee dryer safety, productivity, and overall business results.

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Festo Corp
Xerium Technologies, Inc.