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Fabio Perini’s New Constellation—Only Limit is Your Imagination

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Fabio Perini, Italy, has inaugurated "a new era in tissue converting" with its Constellation technology. The revolutionary new rewinder radically changes the concept of winding, the company notes, providing:
  • Perfect rolls from first to last sheet. Constellation is a technology patented by Fabio Perini S.p.A. that offers unprecedented winding quality. Four mobile rolls with independent drives consistently and uniformly accompany the log from the very first sheet.
  • No obstacles to production. The stability deriving from log control through Constellation’s four points of contact prevents vibrations, making higher speeds possible. Up to 800 m/min. with punzoncini as standard equipment to handle structured webs and produce extremely soft rolls.
  • Absolute quality. Gentle winding preserves the décor, maximizing finished product quality. The natural consequence is rolls having greater bulk. Or, at the same diameter, rolls using less paper, lower quality paper, or lower basis-weight paper can be produced.
  • Easy HMI cognitive ergonomics. Constellation is equipped with a multi-functional panel that gives operators the opportunity to instantaneously check some of the most common controls more logically, faster, and easier than ever.
  • Intuitive interface. An extensive library of pre-set combinations was developed using clear, lively, and intuitive images that allow even less-experienced operators to autonomously "pilot" the rewinder. The libraries can be customized on request.
  • Safe technology. Most operations are performed directly from the panel, limiting the need to access the machine. Those that do require machine access have been mechanically simplified in their construction to reduce risks for operators.
Fabio Perini emphasizes that it is committed to offering customers evolved solutions to be able to compete in the global market with the most advanced equipment available. Today, Constellation is the best demonstration of this strategic approach since it embodies the concept of "visibly more" and ushers in an era of infinite production possibilities where the only limit is the imagination.

More information is available online.


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