Over the Wire - Tissue Edition


Issue Spotlight
A new report this past week in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, Hoboken, N.J., USA, shows that not drying hands thoroughly after washing them could increase the spread of bacteria, and rubbing your hands while using a conventional electric hand dryer could be a contributing factor.

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High school students of the West Philly Hybrid X Team (Philadelphia, Pa., USA) and Scott Robey, of sponsor company SCA Tissue North America, Philadelphia, use SCA’s Tork wipers to clean their hybrid car, a runner-up in a $10 million hybrid design competition.

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Water supply is becoming a major concern in the U.S., especially with the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office projecting water shortages in 36 of 50 U.S. states over the next five years.

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A study by the Soap and Detergent Association, Washington, D.C., USA, shows that 39% of people seldom wash their hands after coughing and sneezing.

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Market Roundup
Tissue producer Bestway Industrial (Shenzhen) Co, China, reports on its website that out of the world's estimated production of 21 million metric tpy of tissue,

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Market pulp prices fell an expected $30 - $50/metric ton across the globe in August.

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EkO Peroxide, Columbus, Mich., USA, will raise prices on hydrogen peroxide in North America, by $0.03 per pound on bulk shipments and by $0.04 per pound on semi-bulk shipments,

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Evonik Degussa Corporation Parsippany, N.J., USA, the first of this month increased prices for hydrogen peroxide (100% basis) by 4 cents/lb in the U.S. and Mexico and C$93/metric ton (100% basis) in Canada.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
Cascades Tissue Group, Candiac, Que., Canada, the fourth largest producer of tissue paper in North America, reports that it s new Intelligent Paper, which contributes to optimizing hand hygiene by combining effective hand drying with persistent antibacterial protection, was runner up for the most innovative product at the 2010 CRFA (Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association) Show in Toronto, Ont., Canada.

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Damapel Com. e Distr. de Papéis Ltda., located in the city of Guarulhos, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been operating a Hergen Paper Machinery ribbed steel yankee cylinder for the past three months.

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First Quality Baby Products, Great Neck, N.Y., USA, has announced plans to modernize its absorbent hygiene manufacturing facilities in Macon, Ga.

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G-P Harmon, a recycling subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Ga., USA, and Starbucks stores in Chicago, Ill, will cooperate in a special pilot recycling project later this year.

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Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, Texas, USA, was recently honored by Walmart as "2009 International Supplier of the Year."

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Lambi, a member of Finland-based Metsä Tissue Corp., is embracing a new market segment with the launch of its new Lambi Kids concept across various European markets.

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A joint venture formed by Olayan Group, Saudi Arabia, and Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, Texas, USA, has ordered a turn-key tissue production line to be installed at its Bahrain mill.

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SCA, Stockholm, Sweden, says it is determined to become the first retail supplier in The Netherlands to distribute all of its retail hygiene products in a 100% CO2-neutral way.

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SCA Tissue North America, Philadelphia, PA, USA, this month launched its Tork Performance line of wiper dispensers.

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Protisa-Perù (C.M.P.C. group), Lima, Perù, has ordered a new tissue machine from Recard, Lucca, Italy.

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Shanghai Orient Champion Paper Co., Shanghai, China. has ordered two complete tissue production lines from Metso, Finland.

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New Technologies
SCA Tissue, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, this month introduced Tork Xpressnap Café, a new addition to its Tork Xpressnap line of napkin dispensers.

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