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Issue Spotlight
A soft "tissue paper" made from normally brittle germanium and silicon contains individual fibers as strong as bulletproof Kevlar.

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Launching its "Be TENAcious" campaign this month with six-time Olympian Anne Abernathy and HealthyWomen, SCA North America, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, said that "more than one in forty women over 40 face bladder control issues and many are suffering in silence and not seeking out solutions that can enable them to lead the lives they desire."

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Market Roundup
Botnia, Finland, reports that it will increase pulp prices in Europe as of May 1, until further notice.

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The global pulp market remains tight, Mark Wilde, senior analyst with Deutsche Bank, notes. Reports suggest that N.A. NSBK prices are set to rise by another $40/metric ton this month.

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Södra, Sweden, has raised the price of its softwood pulps by $30 per metric ton to $960 per metric ton.

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Total fiber consumption by U.S. paper mills (including wood pulp, recovered paper and non-wood fibers) declined 10.5% in 2009 to 80.0 million tons.

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The 2009 international financial crisis had a major negative impact on worldwide demand for pulp and paper products. As a result, the consumption of wood chips and pulpwood for pulp production was lower and global trade of wood chips fell 14%.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
AK GIDA SAN ve TİC A.Ş, Turkey, has ordered a tissue line from Metso Paper, Finland, to be installed at the company's new mill in Pamukova, which is located in Sakarya province.

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Cartiera Socarpi, Lucca, Italy, has ordered a rebuild from Recard, also located in Lucca, that will convert its existing Recard fourdrinier tissue machine into a crescent former unit.

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Stefco Industries, Haines City, Fla. USA, a Cellynne Holdings company, reports that it has started up a new paper converting line that will enhance its bath and HHT converting capabilities.

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John Drengler has been named VP, product and marketing, SCA Tissue North America, Philadelphia. Pa., USA.

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Ron Eklund has joined Klass Associates Inc., Redington Beach, Fla., USA, as a senior associate.

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Great Northern Corp., Appleton, Wis., USA, has won the National Paperboard Packaging Competition Innovation Award for its work in the creation of the Kleenex Hand Towel package.

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The Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Dallas, Texas, USA, the charitable arm of Kimberly-Clark Corp., has announced recipients of its 2010 Bright Futures college scholarship program.

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Max Fortune Industrial Ltd., Hong Kong, will install a new Metso Paper (Finland) tissue line at its greenfield mill near Fuzhou city, Fujian province, China

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Toscotec, Italy, has named Francesco Pierucci sales manager East Europe/Near Middle East.

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SCA, Sweden, recently set a new tissue machine world speed record at its mill in Neuss, Germany. The No. 2 tissue machine at Neuss was operated for more than 24 hr at 2,200 meters per min,

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Steve Smith, director of SCA Recycling U.K., with responsibility for Finance and Human Resources, has been elected president of the Recovered Paper Sector of the U.K.-based Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

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SCA Tissue North America, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, has donated $50,000 toward the development of a playground and equipment as part of the Fritse Park Redevelopment Project in the town of Menasha, Wis.

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Solaris Paper, Australia, reportedly will build a new tissue converting plant in the Sydney, Australia, area, to come online this August.

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A trailer full of tissue paper at Nature's Way Tissue in De Pere, Wis., USDA, caught fire last week and had to be dragged away by bystanders to prevent serious damage to the building.

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This past week, The Netherlands-based paper producer Van Houtum introduced what it says is "the most environmentally friendly toilet paper in the world."

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New Technologies
Metsä Tissue, Finland, has tapped into an underexplored segment with the launch of a new napkin designed especially for the "LOHAS market."

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Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, Texas, USA, has launched Kleenex Hand Towels, a hygienic alternative to cloth bathroom hand towels.

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