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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
The 2014 edition of Tissue Forum at PaperCon begins April 28 in Nashville, Tenn., USA, with a detailed "Tissue Market Overview" in the opening session, setting the stage for a total of 11 sessions.
Company raised SEK 1.5 billion through a green bond issue, with proceeds to be used for investments in projects with a positive environmental impact. G
Event will take place June 21-28, 2015, in the cities of Lucca, Reggio Emilia, and Lecco, where participants can see, hear, and touch technology, working with real products.
Purpose of the international meeting is to learn and discuss different aspects and realities of the tissue paper industry.
Introductory course, covering the basic manufacturing methods and chemistry, is being offered April 30-May 1, 2014, in Nashville, Tenn., USA.
This year’s workshop at PaperCon in Nashville, Tenn., USA, April 29, focuses on the pulp and paper industry’s continuing progress toward reliable production, implementing predictive analytics, reliability training and management, and optimizing asset management.
Naylor, LLC
Market Roundup
Company will increase the prices of its tissue paper products by 8% during the second quarter.
Higher demand for lumber and increased global trade of logs pushed sawlog prices upward in many markets throughout 2013.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
New tissue line will be installed at CMPC's subsidiary Absormex CMPC Tissue S.A. de CV in Mexico, and will add 60,000 metric tpy of high quality toilet and towel grades to the company's production capacity.
Startup of new Recard machine will proceed in two steps, raising the mill’s tissue production capacity to 44,000 metric tpy.
New line, to be installed at the company's Manisa Plant in Turkey, will play a crucial role in the company's rapid growth in global tissue paper markets.
Company's expansion of converting operations will creating 96 additional jobs by early 2015.
Sammy Lee "Sam" Archer was born Jan. 3, 1950. He attended the University of Washington after graduating high school in 1968. By 1975, he received his masters degree in forest resources, specializing in pulp and paper technology.
New machine is being installed at the company's Pyeongtaeksi site, with production aimed at the conventional tissue products segment.
A member of the Voith Board of Management and chairman of the Voith Paper Management Board, Sollinger will leave Voith on July 1, after serving the company for 32 years. The company’s supervisory board and shareholders’ committee have appointed Bertram Staudenmaier as his successor.
Henry C. "Hank" Newell, will retire immediately and plans to resign from the company’s board of directors. Thomas J. Howatt will retire from the board in advance of the company’s 2014 annual meeting of shareholders.
Twin wire machine will be modified into a crescent former designed for 1,700 m/min. and 100 metric tpd.
Company's Italian subsidiary Wepa Lucca Srl will sell mill to Eurotec Srl of Italy. The mill’s tissue machine has been shut down since 2012.
The new machines, 60,000 metric tpy each, will involve a capital investment of some $120 million, and will be operated by St. Croix Tissue Inc., an affiliate of Woodland Pulp.
New Technologies
P-Series ceramic coatings have high dielectric strength and hardness, 65 Rc, which protect the rolls’ soft metal surface from corona discharge and surface abrasion.
Compact, high cycle, low cost VA Series valve is ideal for saving space compared with many other designs.
Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
Meeting will be held April 30–May 1 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Nashville, Tenn., USA, immediately following the TAPPI Tissue Forum.


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