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Tissue360 Forum Features 11 Sessions over Three Days at PaperCon

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The 2014 edition of Tissue360° Forum at PaperCon gets underway Monday afternoon, April 28, beginning at 1:30 p.m. at the Nashville, Tenn., USA, Convention Center, with a detailed "Tissue Market Overview" in the opening Session. Setting the stage for a total of 11 sessions over the next three days, Esko Uutela of RISI defines the current state of the global tissue industry with his presentation titled "Outlook for Global Tissue Business and Trends in North America."
Session T2 focuses on the tissue base sheet, exploring the current fiber supply situation for tissue producers. It also analyzes some of the latest deinking/recycling technologies that could hold the key to stretching both the supply and quality of global recovered fiber in the foreseeable future.

Session T3 on Monday afternoon is the first of three Tissue Properties Workshops to be conducted during the Tissue Forum. Tissue Properties Workshop 1 is an overview of standardized tissue testing methods, why they are needed, and how they are developed. 

Tuesday’s program examines production of the tissue base sheet from two different perspectives—sheet structure and chemistry. It also continues the tissue properties workshop series with Tissue Properties Workshop II and Tissue Properties Workshop III, and includes two special sessions on tissue converting technologies.

Session T4 begins where Session T2 left off, with continued, in-depth examination of tissue base sheet production dynamics."  Session T5, also on Tuesday morning, is Tissue Properties Workshop II - Test Methods in Development, providing a review and discussion of tensile, absorbency, and softness measurement techniques.

Session T6 on Base Sheet III-Chemistry explores creping adhesive, wet strength resins, and improved creping efficiency. Session T7, which is Tissue Properties Workshop III, reviews sources of variation in tissue testing and advice for setting up or evaluating the performance of a test lab. 

At the "heart" of this year’s Tissue360° Forum are two special tissue converting sessions on Tuesday afternoon that focus on new innovations in the tissue products arena. Session T8 provides a roundup of recent "evolutions in tissue converting," and looks at breakthroughs in intelligent integration for tissue converting lines.

The second converting session, T9, in the latter half of Tuesday afternoon provides a statistical overview of the converting side of the tissue products industry, then turns to a very special panel of global tissue converting experts who will discuss, analyze, and respond to questions and input for session attendees about new innovations, trends, and strategies in tissue converting.
Wednesday’s final two sessions T10 and T11, respectively explore new and developing tissue base sheet technologies and yankee dryer operations. Session T10, titled "Base Sheet III-Tissue Manufacturing Technology," features four speakers who examine both the control and operations sides of several key tissue machine sections. Session T11 focuses on "Yankee Operations and Mill Safety," covering the operations and safety sides of modern yankee dryers and associated hoods. 
More information about the tissue forum is available online.   


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