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It seems everything is going to the cloud these days: phone, pictures, data, documents, spreadsheets, and even operating systems. One of the biggest challenges web applications have is delivering the same richness in interface delivered by client graphical user interface (GUI) applications. Many software companies have failed to move to the web successfully because they cannot match the usability people are accustomed to on PC-based applications; delivering a good user experience while keeping the overhead on the bandwidth and the web browser low was this biggest challenge. However, major vendors, including Adobe, Microsoft, and Tableau, are moving in this direction and now offer GUI experiences on the web.
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In early December, Fara Francis, CIO of AGC of America, met with industry professionals from AASHTO and representatives from various state departments of transportation (DOTs) for a workshop on the future of the transXML.
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At the center of every construction project is the challenge of data exchange and integration. The lack of system interoperability within the construction industry is costing you time and money. Attend a demonstration at the 2014 Annual Convention in Las Vegas to see how AGC is working to make the industry more efficient.
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For updated information on the agcXML initiative, visit the informative and user-friendly website, www.agcXML.org. The site provides a wealth of resources to interested parties, including articles, data on schemas, sponsorship information, and overall benefits.
Is there an article topic you'd like to see covered in TechBrief? Or, are you interested in providing content? TechBrief is currently working on its 2014 editorial calendar and seeks your input on informative and timely articles. Please contact Jeanie Clapp at jclapp@naylor.com with your feedback and ideas.
When Brasfield & Gorrie needs to set up an office in a remote location, crews rely on one of the company's Jobsite in a Box transportable hotspots to keep them operational.
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Q: I currently have 3 or 4 wireless routers in my offices to give signal between connecting buildings, so I’m supporting 4 routers pushing different signals with the same passcode. I want one solution. Has anyone implemented a router/repeater system that works and is stable?
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