October 2022
How to align your offers to your purpose to sustain success
By Jody Jacobson
Does your work make you feel fulfilled? If not, ask yourself questions about what you’re doing when you feel best about your work. Use your answers to define your purpose, and feed that information into a signature way of working that you offer to your ideal clients.
Stick to a theme to make communications effective
By Stephen Wershing
Is your marketing failing to achieve the results you desire? The problem may lie in the topics you cover. Examine your communications to see how well they align with your target clients’ concerns.
Meet NAPFA’s 2022 award recipients!
NAPFA’s 2022 award recipients—Mindy Neira, Abby Hasling, and Ann Coulson—answer questions about their careers and their involvement with NAPFA.
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for Associations.
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How to set your marketing budget
By Pamela Gakii Riungu 
Think of your marketing budget as an investment that should be designed to produce the highest return on investment. Budgeting for marketing helps prevent future marketing programs from fading away before they have a chance to succeed.
3 issues in disclosure of conflicts of interest and compensation
By David Mannaioni
The new expectations from CFP Board on conflicts of interest and compensation disclosure consistently generate conversation and questions. When a conflict of interest arises, it is the professional’s duty to disclose the conflict and obtain informed consent from the client. But it’s not so easy when we look at real-world situations.
Ethics: necessary, nuanced, and hard to teach well
By Alexandra Baig
Ethics is a pillar of the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. Ethics courses abound. Book learning is one thing, but putting it into practice is quite another. I reached out to a few of my fellow planners to hear their experiences with issues around ethics.
Why cultural competency is important for your business
By John Eing
Understanding cultural differences can have an impact on your business. The changing demographics in the U.S. will bring new cultural norms, making cultural competency an increasingly important skill for bringing out the best in our employees and our clients.
Rowling & Associates, LLC

Process matters
By Susan Weiner
Looking ahead to my next chapter
By Geof Brown, NAPFA CEO
Thomas C. Presley of CI Brightworth Private Wealth
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