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Kristy Archuleta:Tapping Clients’ Strengths to Create Behavior Change,” Nov. 3. Archuleta will present this webinar, which is part of a series from the Foundation for Financial Planning.

Rianka Dorsainvil, Chiara Renninger: Original 40 Under 40 winners shift lanes but stay the course,” InvestmentNews, Sept. 12. Dorsainvil says, “I’m a first-generation wealth builder. I’m a first-generation college graduate, too. There should be more access to the knowledge that I have, and it shouldn’t just be for people with a million dollars or more.” Renninger says, “Make sure your philanthropy is something you really believe in.”

Ethan Miller: Episode #343: Finding Success Building a Socially Responsible Firm: A Conversation with Ethan Miller,” XY Planning Network, Sept. 7. Miller says, “I think I probably could have reached this point maybe a little earlier if I had spent some more time and put a little bit more effort into things.”

Kathleen Cote: Evaluating, Refining, and Increasing Your Fee,” XY Planning Network, Sept. 7. Webinar.

Abby Hasling: Abby Hasling on Finding Your Way and Finding Your Voice,” Journal of Financial Planning, September. Hasling says, “I think when people are starting out, they feel like their opinion doesn’t matter. That was one thing that took me a couple years to learn; it’s OK to have a voice and to bring up opinions and ideas and question somebody that might be superior to you because you never know when it’s going to be what helps the client or helps the firm in the long run.”

Cody Garrett, Cameo Roberson, Blaine Thiederman, Daniel Yerger: “The FPA Community Weighs in on…Client Red Flags,” Journal of Financial Planning, September. Garrett says, “My most memorable red flag was when a prospective client told me the reason my wife was a stay-at-home spouse was because of how high my fee was. But yet he was willing to pay it.” Roberson says, “If they start bad-mouthing financial advisers they’ve worked with in the past or other outsourced service providers, be wary.” Thiederman says, “If they argue with you on the first call, critique your website, negotiate on price without good reason, or have concerns over sharing necessary information on a call with you.” Yerger says, “A general red flag is how they act up to and during the initial consultation. How they treat you in the beginning is likely how they will treat you long term.”

Jason Anderson: A Decade of Research in the Journal of Financial Planning (2011-2021),” Journal of Financial Planning, September. Anderson and his co-authors say, “One of the unique strengths of the Journal is its role as a meeting ground for the ideas of practitioners and scholars in a single publication.”

Danika Waddell: Managing Your Finances as a Woman Working in Tech with Danika Waddell,” Tech Money, Aug. 31. Podcast.

Kimberly Foss: Voices: A couple walks into an advisor’s office: A remarkable case history,” Financial Planning, Aug. 31 and “Social Security and Multiple Marriages: A Crash Course,” Rethinking65, Aug. 29. “By now, you may have perceived several important takeaways. Perhaps most obvious and practical for financial and wealth advisors is how vital it is to make sure your message — including your investment philosophy — is getting out to your community.”

Rachael Burns: Episode #342: Coaching Clients Through Uncertainty with Empathy: A Conversation with Rachael Burns," XY Planning Network, Aug. 24. Burns says, “And I think taking the focus off of the hard-core financial stuff helps put them at ease a little bit because then they don’t feel like they’re being talked down to.”

Carolyn McClanahan: Pause on student loan payments is extended through end of December. Here are smart ways for borrowers to use the extra cash,” CNBC, Aug. 24 and “5 Tips to Help You Retire in a World of High Inflation and Shaky Markets,” Money, Aug. 8. McClanahan says, “The first thing is to make sure you have an emergency fund.”

Jude Boudreaux: Preparing Financially, Before the Storm Hits,” The New York Times, Aug. 23. Boudreaux says, “A lot of carriers are leaving Louisiana, so people with policies are getting nonrenewal notices, and there are fewer choices out there.”

Andy Panko: How Much Are Your Services Worth?” Rethinking65, Aug. 22. Panko says, “Making statements that (pretend to) quantify our value misleads prospects and clients by planting in their heads a baseline anchor of what our value is. In an industry that has a long history of needing more transparency, humility and integrity, we owe it to our consumers and ourselves alike to be more humble and honest about the value in what we do.”

Michael Kay: McDonald’s Might Be OK for Food, Not Financial Advice,” Rethinking65, Aug. 15. Kay says, “Asking good questions combined with a sincere desire to help is a game changer. Advisors who get it are creating a double win: One for their clients’ benefit and a win for them by creating relationships of sincere care and desire to help improve the situation of the people who are putting their trust in their care.”

Clark Kendall: When Will the Housing Market Crash?” U.S. News, Aug. 9. Kendall says, “There’s a push and pull going on in the real estate market as far as affordability: No one can afford it, but there’s also not enough houses to take care of demand.”

Luis Rosa: Smart Investments,” Scripps National News, Aug. 2.

Janet Briaud, Cheryl Holland: From plush toys to espresso, 4 ways to make your office more productive,” Financial Planning, Aug. 1.