September 2022
5 top priorities for NAPFA’s public policy advocacy
By Dan Danford, Jason Howell, and Chris Jennings
NAPFA’s public policy team focuses on current issues with nationwide impact to ensure that your concerns as advisors are reflected in the public debate. Learn about NAPFA’s stance on five timely issues.
2 threats facing today’s investors—and the regulatory response
By Stephen W. Hall
Regulators are tackling two issues critical to investor protection: strengthening the application of SEC’s Regulation Best Interest and regulating cryptocurrencies.
A compliance professional’s take on the new marketing rule
By Scott Snipkie
How can you comply with the SEC’s new marketing rule? The answer has two parts. The first part boils down to “Say what you want, but no funny stuff.” The second part is more or less: “Say what you want, but make sure you’re giving the context for it.”
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for Associations.
Learn about your NAPFA benefits.
Coaching clients through challenging markets
By Jay Mooreland
When clients have concerns, it can be natural for advisors to jump right into problem-solving. But if we are too quick to provide “solutions,” we may fail to demonstrate empathy—which is essential for us to truly connect with our clients.
Q&A with Emlen Miles-Mattingly of Onyx Advisor Network
In May, NAPFA announced a new partnership with the Onyx Advisor Network, a support platform for minority-led firms. The NAPFA Advisor asked Onyx co-founder Emlen Miles-Mattingly, a NAPFA member, to tell us about Onyx.
Conference tips for you and your team
By Arlene Moss 
We’re headed back to in-person conferences, so make sure you are ready to make the most of them. Maximizing the benefit of spending your time and money means planning ahead, taking care of yourself during the event, communicating expectations to your team and clients, and following up.
How to communicate effectively with clients while remaining compliant
By Linda Leitz
Financial planners know that effective communication with clients is key to building a trusting relationship and motivating them to act, but at the same time communications must be compliant.

Lessons from my experience with testimonials
By Susan Weiner
Endings, new beginnings, and public policy
By Jeff Jones, NAPFA Chair
Raquel Hinman of Hinman Financial Planning
Fall Conference registration, Marketing Playbook Trilogy classes,
webinars, CEO departure, and more in the September issue.
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