March 13, 2024
The Brave New World of Client Testimonials: 5 Mistakes Advisors Should Avoid
By Laura Garfield
It’s one thing for you to talk about the benefits you provide. It’s quite another to have a happy person earnestly raving about you. So when it comes to advisor marketing, it’s a wonder more financial advisors aren’t busy collecting quotes from satisfied clients.
How to Solve the #1 Reason for Budget Failure
By Pamela Horack, CFP®
Budgeting is a struggle. We surveyed advisors to find what works and what doesn’t — for advisors and, more importantly, for clients and the number one  response to a question about why client budgets fail was: Tracking is overwhelming. Let’s review why tracking is so difficult and how we can fix it.
Inspiring Mentor – Mentee Relationships
By Jen Dawson CFP® and Rachel DeCarolis, CFP®, CeFT®, CEPA
If you’re a seasoned financial advisor, have you ever considered being a mentor? Or are you new to the industry and wondering what a mentor relationship might look like? Whether you are participating in a structured mentoring program or developing an informal connection, a successful mentor-mentee relationship has numerous benefits to both parties.
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
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Mentoring Your Way to Retirement
By Lydia Sheckels
At some point in our career, the years creep up on us, and we realize that the big “R” of retirement is looming — maybe not on a specific date, but over a transition period to ensure that our clients are well cared for by a team who has come to know them as well as you do. That’s why mentoring done right is so important.
The Powerful Simplicity of Niches
By Michelle R. Donovan
The need to stand out from the competition is one reason why developing a niche market is becoming more popular. Not to mention that doing so simplifies things as well. From my experience, when it comes to getting new business, if you keep things simple, you’ll increase your referability.
Kiva Capital

Stay Tuned to NAPFA’s Range of Educational Resources
By Kathryn Dattomo
Kathryn Kubiak-Rizzone of About Time Financial Planning
NAPFA Region Symposiums Are a Prime Opportunity to Connect
We hope you’re enjoying this exciting season of NAPFA Region Symposiums. Hear firsthand from this year’s chairs about their expectations and other event highlights.