January 18, 2024
Incentive Compensation Strategies for the Paraplanner Career Path
By Kelsey Brennan
Hiring a paraplanner can be a smart move for RIAs seeking growth and a potential internal succession plan. But how do you ensure that they stick around? Define their career path and structure attractive compensation that might include different kinds of bonuses or phantom equity.
Feedback Conversations: Pitfalls and Solutions for Effective Feedback Conversations
By Erin O’Malley
“Can I give you some feedback?” might be six of the most fear-inducing words said in a business setting. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of giving feedback without a plan, being judgmental, and telling instead of asking. This can make “Can I give you some feedback?” a welcome question. 
Communicating an Advisory Practice Merger or Acquisition to the Clients
By Tiffany A. Markarian
A merger or acquisition of an advisory practice can make all affected parties anxious. Poor communications increase your firm’s transition risk—the loss of profitable clients or assets post-transition. That’s why your client communications should follow the steps outlined in this article.
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Wealth is Women’s Work: An Overdue Book
By Jenny Martella
Peggy Ruhlin has written the book many in the field of financial advice have long been waiting for. Wealth is Women’s Work: How Women Can Make a Long-Term Impact with a Career in Wealth Management presents the problem well: Women now control the majority of American household wealth but represent only 15% to 20% of all financial advisors.
Finding the Right Path: Why Going Solo Isn’t Always the Right Answer
By Ryan Derousseau
Hanging up one’s own banner as a financial planner has not only become a rite of passage but almost an expectation. There’s value, however, in numbers as you begin to build your client base.
5 Problems RIAs Face Organizing Their Back Office
By Charesse Spiller
You may deal with inefficiencies in key back office areas, and taking the time to diagnose exactly what’s going on can help save you time and money. Here are five key problems and solutions that you can implement today.
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Farewell, NAPFA, and Welcome, New Columnists!
By Susan Weiner
An Update on DOL Proposed Retirement Security Rule
By Kathryn Dattomo
Michael Branham, The Planning Center
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