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There were a lot of things different about this year's ProMat, and every one illustrated how need nurtures innovation. There was a need this year to make ProMat more than it has ever been and different in so many ways. It was a need that sparked innovation, that defined resilience and that ensured that everyone in the material handling and supply chain industry had a forum and a platform to share, learn, listen and network—and see some of the ideas that have been created specifically to make our supply chain even more resilient, efficient and innovative. Ideas that were designed and created to power up our supply chain and make it more than it has ever been and different in so many ways, just like ProMatDX. 
We hope you enjoyed all that ProMatDX had to offer, and that as you navigated the all-new platform, experienced AI via the Grip app, engaged in video conferences, watched the presenters and keynotes share their knowledge and insight, and explored the multitude of products that were imagined and created with your needs in mind, you were able to appreciate its content, innovation and value.
Next year, be assured that the innovation that blossomed as a result of the need this year will make for an even more incredible experience next year at MODEX 2022, too. The need that had the brightest minds in the industry (and at MHI) creating this year's unforgettable ProMatDX are already planning an event that will include even more and will take this year's innovation to the next level.
We look forward to seeing you in-person at MODEX 2022! Make plans now by registering to attend, March 28-31 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center.
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Conference News
ProMat 2019 was recently honored with two prestigious Trade Show Executive (TSE) Grand Awards:
• The Fastest-Growing Non-Annual Gold 100 Show in Net Square Feet in 2019 (By Percentage of Growth)
• The Fastest-Growing Show in Sheer Numbers in Attendance in 2019 
These Grand Awards recognize ProMat 2019 for its net square footage growth over the 2017 expo of 33,691 to 425,076 Net Square Feet and for its attendance growth of 4,846 to a total of 49,718 attendees. To learn more about these honors, visit
The ProMatDX Challenge rewards the most engaged ProMatDX attendee for each day during ProMatDX. Today's prize is a $500 gift card to the attendee with the most engagement on the portal plus a $500 donation to Feeding America in their name. ProMatDX attendees are automatically entered when logging in. Winners acquire points based on their activities within ProMatDX.
Day 1 Winner: Al Batista from Gold Medal Bakery 
Day 2 Winner: Ronaldo Gruta from SPP Pumps
Day 3 Winner: Chuck Boyer from Precision Planting
Day 4 Winner: Greg Beck from Zollner Electronics
Day 5 Winner: To be revealed later today, check out the leaderboard!
Grand Prize Winner: Raffle taking place shortly!
Watch Automated Micro-Fulfillment Technology in Action
Swisslog’s new live, virtual experience during ProMatDX gives you the opportunity to watch innovative automation technology operate in real time. 
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Best of ProMat Daily

Every day this week during ProMatDX, we released a recap newsletter just as your day at ProMatDX was wrapping up. This newsletter contained news from the sponsors, previews for the day ahead, recaps of conference events, and valuable information on the industry’s biggest event—all to help make your time at ProMatDX more beneficial and productive.  

If you missed any of the recaps or you didn't get a chance to read through some of the coverage articles that neatly summarized the keynotes and some of the 100+ education sessions, 650 product demonstrations and 350+ sponsor showcases, check out the links below or visit the archive. Each newsletter is available online for your reading (and viewing) pleasure, including all of the pre-event ones.

Day 1: Day 1 of ProMatDX. What an Astounding Day!
Day 2: Innovation Gaining Some Steam, Right Here at ProMatDX
Day 3: Time to Power Up the Adventure at ProMatDX
Day 4: Extra Bonus This Year at ProMatDX: One More Day!
Day 5: When Need Nurtures Innovation, Everyone Wins

During the April 13 keynote, American Logistics Aid Network’s Kathy Fulton and a panel of supply chain thought-leaders from Clorox, FedEX and C&S Grocers explored lessons learned from the pandemic and how building long-term resiliency into supply chain and logistics operations will be key to adapting and recovering when future disruption or disaster strikes. And the reason for this conversation? “We’ve just gone through a year’s worth of insanity in our supply chains due to the pandemic,” said Fulton.
Each year, the results of the MHI Annual Industry Report contain some surprises, almost like the running of the Kentucky Derby, where the winner oftentimes is not the horse you expected. This year’s report, Innovation Driven Resilience follows true. While some of the results are typical and much like previous years, there are a few surprises.
Being resilient is almost a given if you are a woman who has achieved success and a leadership position in the supply chain industry. So, who better to ask about achieving resiliency, especially when it comes to personal challenges, but also how they have applied those lessons to organizational resilience factors, as well?
After receiving 93 submissions for this year’s awards, eight independent judges completed the initial vetting process. Ten finalists were chosen as the most innovative products in each category - Best New Innovation; Best Innovation of an Existing Product; and Best IT Innovation based on concept, value and impact. The winners were announced today during the keynote hosted by MHI's CEO John Paxton at ProMatDX.
Whether today or tomorrow, we can connect you if you missed the chance for a one-on-one or video meeting with a particular company or sponsor. You can still engage with ProMatDX sponsors post-show. The Grip AI matchmaking  technology built into ProMatDX can help you foster relationships and set up meetings. Plus, we will be posting every education session held at ProMatDX at on April 19 for registered attendees. 
Whether it is today or tomorrow, let us connect you with the supply chain possibilities that ProMatDX offers!

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Videos & Sponsors
This year’s ProMatDX was a very exciting and groundbreaking week, said our ProMatDX daily recap host Randell Mauricio in this final daily recap video for the event. During the week-long event, attendees were powered up with the new connections, insights and innovative solutions for today’s supply chains. “It was a great success,” said Mauricio. “But we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors or attendees. You are the backbone of this event.”
So, what did we learn at ProMatDX?
Click "Learn More" below to see a summary from the Day 5 video recap.
Digital transformation has been a staple of the past year and Dematic is bringing it to supply chains. Brian Vezza talks about the demand for this digital transformation, where it originated from, and how Dematic helps create customized solutions for smart distribution centers.
Tracy Niehaus from Honeywell Intelligrated fills us in on their new Momentum Warehouse Management System. Seamlessly integrating with the Momentum Warehouse Execution Software, this new WMS enables a single-software approach that eliminates issues and provides a simple user-friendly experience.
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Automating a vehicle can be complicated. However, it’s a challenge we understand deeply. Since 2006, we’ve helped companies to develop automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated forklifts, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and more. So why risk delays, unexpected costs and your company’s reputation by choosing the wrong navigation partner? With BlueBotics you have the technology and expertise you need.
Schedule a call with our team today (or visit stand 8270).
ProMat Insights
While learning to embrace new technology has always been a challenge, said Moustafa Sharawy, business development at FL-Simulators Inc., virtual reality and gamification training is getting some real attention lately, especially when it comes to dangerous or mundane training. “VR represents the next generation of technology that will affect our daily lives. It is happening now and it is here to stay with us,” said Sharawy during a Friday education session at ProMatDX. 
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