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Creativity is the heart and soul of Music City and there’s never a shortage of inspiring things to do. From music, culture and the arts to food, sports and shopping, there is an “only in Nashville” experience waiting for you.

Find out more about things to do in Nashville, and register online today for the 2019 MCAC National Annual Conference.

Member Update

In August, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating submitted a pre-budget submission to the federal government in advance of the federal election and the release of the 2020 federal budget. In it, both organizations outlined the importance of skilled trades and new technologies as key to addressing climate change.

The groups recommended:

  1. That the federal government invest in apprenticeship training and completion incentives to encourage replacement of the skilled trade workforce essential to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  2. That the federal government increase the budget for programs promoting careers in the skilled trades with an emphasis on trades that will play an important role in addressing the climate emergency.

With more than 1,000 member firms across Canada, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada continues to celebrate the important milestones of our members.
If your firm is celebrating a 50th, 75th or 100th anniversary, share that information with us so we can recognize those significant achievements.

Source: HPAC Magazine
A new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses indicates that the amount of vacant jobs in Canada’s construction sector outpaced all other industries and the national average in the first four months of 2019.
Source: ConstrucTech
When several factors and multiple vendors are involved, the already-tough job of estimating becomes even more difficult. By improving and simplifying the process, the time to contract can be reduced and the estimate can be more accurate. This benefits both the contractor and the client.

The Construction Education Council is pleased to present the exclusive Dispatcher Training Program. In it, participants will learn about the role of the dispatcher in their organizations and their impact on profitability, communications skills for dispatchers, partnering with service technicians, serving customers, managing the service manager and how to work with the entire team.

The program was originally by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America, and has since been updated and adapted specifically for the Canadian market.

Join us on October 17 and 18 at the MCA Toronto Classroom.

For more information and to register, visit

MCABC and the Construction Education Council (CEC) proudly present the exclusive Gold Seal Accredited Project Management Program.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Improve the planning and controlling of your projects, thereby improving your company’s bottom line.
  • Take a business view of projects and take ownership of a project from bid to final payment.
  • Increase your own project “lessons learned” by learning from experiences of other participants.
  • Be able and willing to contribute improvements to your company’s project management process.
  • Be better prepared to take the gold seal examination, if you choose.
  • Enjoy your projects!

Dates in British Columbia and Ontario

For our Western audiences, the course will be hosted at the Executive Plaza Hotel, in Coquitlam, B.C. The first week of training runs from October 24–28, and the second week runs from November 14–18.

For Ontario personnel, the course will be hosted at the University of Waterloo. The first week of training runs from November 14–18, and the second week from December 12–16.

Don't delay. Space in either program is limited to just 24 attendees.

CEC’s Advanced Project Management course will prepare seasoned project managers for future advancement and increased responsibilities. The new program was created to build off the highly successful 10-day program. The course will provide 28 hours of Gold Seal accredited industry-specific, advanced level project management training.

Graduates of the program will bring strategies for making their projects even more successful back to their companies. Senior project skills that will be covered include:

  • The Art of Facilitative Leadership
  • Organizational Planning – Portfolio Management
  • Financial and Basic Accounting Principles for Project Managers
  • Principles of Lean for Construction

This program is designed specifically for the mechanical contracting industry. 

Our first week of training runs from November 29–December 2 at the University of Waterloo.

Registration is limited to just 24 participants. Don't delay!

Source: ConstrucTech
As the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence become more common, there are many opportunities for construction companies to leverage emerging technologies. The use of new technologies comes with the responsibility to keep the data secure. A company’s cybersecurity measures need constant monitoring.
Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.
Source: Daily Commercial News
As exports and imports dropped in June, Canada’s trade surplus narrowed to $136 million. Statistics Canada said this is largely a result of trade decreases in crude oil, aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts.

1521: Hernan Cortes captures the city of Tenochtitlan, Mexico and sets it on fire.
1630: Emperor Ferdinand II dismisses Albert Eusebius von Wallenstein, his most capable general.
1680: War starts when the Spanish are expelled from Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Indigenous Peoples under Chief Pope.
1704: The Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Austria defeat the French Army at the Battle of Blenheim.
1787: The Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia.
1889: The first coin-operated telephone is patented by William Gray.
1892: The first issue of the Afro American newspaper is published in Baltimore, Maryland.
1898: Manila, the capital of the Philippines, falls to the U.S. Army.
1910: British nurse Florence Nightingale, famous for her care of British soldiers during the Crimean War, dies.
1932: Adolf Hitler refuses to serve as Franz Von Papen's vice chancellor.
1961: Construction begins on Berlin Wall during the night.
1963: A 17-year-old Buddhist monk burns himself to death in Saigon, South Vietnam.
1978: A bomb attack in Beirut during the Second Lebanese Civil War kills more than 150 people.
1993: U.S. Court of Appeals rules Congress must save all emails.


Source: CCOHS
This one-day workshop will facilitate discussion about the essential components of an effective workplace violence prevention program. You will gain practical knowledge and leave with tools so you can take action to minimize the potential for harassment and violence in your workplace.
MCA Canada's Charity of Choice

MCA Canada recently named the ALS Society of Alberta as our Charity of Choice for 2019.

This charity was chosen to honour past MCAC President David Flamand‘s sister Patsy Brooks. The ALS Society of Alberta is dedicated to making each day the best possible day for people living with and affected by ALS. It is the only charitable organization in Alberta that provides support to families affected by the disease.

Learn more about this great organization, and how you can help support this important cause.




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