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We’ve all read the “Helicopter Pilots are Brooding Introverts” articles, but that certainly hasn’t been my experience. They say, “It makes perfect sense to be paranoid, when there are people out to get you.”  We are products of the world we live in. Our environment shapes our personalities.

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Nous avons tous lu des articles qui suggèrent que les « pilotes d’hélicoptère sont des introvertis maussades », mais ce n’est certainement pas nom expérience. J’ai déjà lu : « Il est très logique d’être un peu parano lorsqu’il y a des gens qui veulent vous démolir ». Nous sommes les produits du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Notre environnement forge nos personnalités.

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The Regulations Amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Designated Provisions — Projection of Directed Bright Light Source at an Aircraft) came into force on June 22, 2018 and can be found here. These amendments designate offences under section 601.20 and subsection 601.21(1) of the CARs, to enable the issuance of administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) for enforcement purposes, up to a maximum of $5,000 for an individual and $25,000 for a corporation. The designation of these provisions in the CARs enables immediate enforcement for laser attack offences through the issuance of AMPs.

Le Règlement modifiant le Règlement de l’aviation canadien (textes désignés — projection d’une source lumineuse dirigée de forte intensité vers un aéronef)est entré en vigueur le 22 juin 2018 et peut être trouvé ici. Ces modifications désignent les infractions prévues à l’article 601.20 et au paragraphe 601.21(1) du RAC afin de permettre, pour l’application de la loi, l’imposition de sanctions administratives pécuniaires (SAP) allant jusqu’à 5 000 $ dans le cas d’une personne physique et à 25 000 $ dans le cas d’une personne morale. La désignation de ces dispositions dans le RAC permet une répression immédiate des infractions liées aux attaques au laser grâce à l’imposition de SAP.

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The Regulations Amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Part I — Definition of Canadian) came into force on June 27, 2018 and can be found here.The Transportation Modernization Act, which received royal assent on May 23, 2018, amended the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) to, among other things, amend the definition of “Canadian” in Part II of the CTA (subsection 55(1)). The new definition of “Canadian” raises the threshold of voting interest owned and controlled by non-Canadians in an air carrier providing passenger and all cargo services from 25% to 49% with associated safeguards. In order to maintain the status quo for the foreign ownership threshold of 25% for Specialty Air Services consistent with commitments by the Minister of Transport to the House of Commons, amendments to the CARs are required.

Le Règlement modifiant le Règlement de l’aviation canadien (Partie I — Définition de Canadien) est entré en vigueur le 27 juin 2018 et peut être trouvé ici. La Loi sur la modernisation des transports ayant reçu la sanction royale le 23 mai 2018 modifie la Loi sur les transports au Canada (LTC) et a pour effet de modifier la définition de « canadien » dans la partie II, paragraphe 55(1) de la LTC. Cette nouvelle définition de « canadien » hausse de 25 % à 49 % le seuil des intérêts avec droit de vote, avec des garanties (d’accompagnement), détenus et contrôlés par des non-Canadiens dans un transporteur aérien fournissant des services de transport de passagers et de fret. Afin de maintenir le seuil de propriété étrangère — s’établissant à 25 % - en ce qui concerne les services aériens spécialisés, conformément aux engagements du ministre des Transports à la Chambre des communes, des modifications aux RAC sont requises.

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Source: Flight Global
Canada is still evaluating potential enhancements for its fleet of Leonardo Helicopters CH-149 Cormorant search and rescue rotorcraft, with a delegation present at Farnborough as part of the process.

Source: The Globe and Mail
Two CH-148 Cyclones soared over Halifax harbour on Friday, marking a critical step in the oft-delayed rollout of the Canadian military’s fleet of new maritime helicopters.

Source: Ottawa Citizen
Some Defence Watch readers have asked about a RCAF Sea King that has been seen flying with an unusual paint scheme. They also asked why there hasn’t been any publicity about this new paint scheme.

Source: Reuters
Textron Inc (TXT.N) reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit and raised its 2018 forecast on Wednesday, but its shares fell 5 percent as investors focused on the relative strength of its aviation business order book.

Source: AINonline
At Farnborough 2018, Russian participants are prohibited from exhibiting military wares. However, Russian Helicopters' new strategy seeks to grow the civilian sector to offset a drop in the defense orders. Without expanding its civil business, the manufacturer would not be able to increase its share in the global market for rotorcraft from 12.9 percent now to 19.4 percent in 2025, as the Kremlin commanded.

Source: CompositesWorld
Kaman Composites has announced an agreement to build flight critical skin and skin-to-core composite assemblies for Bell model 407, 409 and 412 helicopters.

Source: Business Airport International
Bell Training Academy (BTA) has opened the Floyd Carlson Airfield to give BTA pilots and customers quick and easy access to training fields.

Source: Euronews
In the sustainable megalopolis of tomorrow, flying cars will lift off from busy streets to swiftly and safely navigate the skies alongside self-piloted electric air taxis and parcel delivery drones.

Source: NIKKEI Asian Review
Subaru is one step closer to returning to commercial helicopters after a new model developed jointly with Bell Helicopter Textron was type-certified by American authorities earlier this month.

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