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Demand for natural gas is growing in Ohio, Michigan and Ontario, Canada, and the region needs updated pipeline infrastructure to meet this new demand. NEXUS will provide the infrastructure necessary to deliver clean-burning natural gas for cleaner electricity, more affordable home heating, and new industry to consumers across the region.

By expanding access to natural gas in these markets, NEXUS will provide consumers across the region with affordable, cleaner-burning and domestically-abundant natural gas to help meet the growing demand for cleaner power generation, industrial and commercial use, and home heating.

NEXUS will also have a positive economic impact on communities across Ohio and Michigan. In addition to generating 6,800 jobs, more than $650 million in wages and $830 million in total economic activity, NEXUS will provide a foundation for future economic growth in the region.

To learn more about the NEXUS project, visit http://www.nexusgastransmission.com/.

To show your support, please complete the supporter form and return it to Hallie Stadvec at hstadvec@ohiogasassoc.org.


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