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January 2017
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In its pre-budget brief to Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, the Canadian Propane Association made a number of recommendations to create equal opportunity for propane, harness government grants for converting appliances to propane, and provide financial incentives for driving autogas vehicles.
"The propane industry has an important contribution to make in the fight against climate change, while at the same time creating jobs," noted CPA Executive Director Andrea Labelle in the brief. "Clean-burning propane has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). And it can do so without the huge capital investments required for other alternative fuels such as natural gas."
The CPA recommended the Federal Government:
The Federal Government is planning to consult with provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, industries, and non-governmental organizations to develop a clean fuel standard as part of its pan-Canadian climate plan.
"The standard would require reductions in the carbon footprint of the fuels supplied in Canada, based on lifecycle analysis. The approach would not differentiate between crude-oil types produced in or imported into Canada. These consultations would inform the development of a regulatory approach under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)," announced the government in a press release late last year.
In December, the CPA submitted several recommendations to the Ontario Ministry of Energy for its 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP).

In its submission, the CPA requested the Ontario government:

  • Create an ongoing forum for the fuels sector to provide input on energy policy.
  • Establish "energy agnostic" policy goals, which, rather than being energy or technology specific, reward fuel sources that create desired outcomes.
  • Create pathways for the propane industry to partner with government, ensuring that all Ontario consumers, regardless of location, have access to cost-effective, energy-efficient, low-emission energy options.
  • Acknowledge the impact of switching to propane for home-heating to provide affordable and sustainable energy alternatives for Ontario residents.
  • Recognize the immediate and substantial role that auto propane can play in low-emission transportation, both in public and private fleets.
The CPA continues to work with the government on energy policy opportunities for propane and Ontario. CPA members can view the submission on the Grid.
Due to consumer demand, the Ontario Ministry of Energy has made changes to the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program (OHECIP). Homeowners who carry out home energy retrofit measures that involve fuel switching and meet the energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions requirements can now participate. Launched by the Ontario government in late-2016, the plan originally did not include appliance upgrades that involved fuel-switching, such as oil to propane. Now fuel switching is accepted where a consumer meets the energy efficiency requirements of the program. Background information about the OHECIP can be viewed in CPA Bulletin 58-2016.
The British Columbia government has amended the Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements Regulation (B.C. Reg. 287/2016).  The amendments include changes to reporting requirements and exemption claims, as well as parameter updates. More information can be viewed in CPA Bulletin 71-2016.
Marine Liability and Information Regulations were finalized and published in the Canada Gazette, Part II on December 14, 2016. Effective January 1, 2017, receivers of bulk Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) in Canada are now required to report those receipts above regulation thresholds. The requirement is for a single report to be made prior to February 28, 2018.
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CPA News
The CPA is pleased to announce our Ottawa office has moved to:

300-100 rue Gloucester St., Ottawa, ON K2P 0A2

Our office numbers remain the same: Phone: 613.683.2270 and Fax: 613.683.2279.

Long-time propane industry stalwart, Brian Barrett, passed away in early January 2017. Brian, along with his wife Barb, founded Kawartha Propane of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, in the early ‘80s and built it into a strong, independent retail propane business. The company was sold to Sparling’s Propane in 2005. 

Brian was involved in setting up the Ontario Propane Association as a founding member. He was a long-time influential and passionate participant in the OPA and the propane industry in Ontario.

Brian passed away peacefully at home, in Fenelon Falls on January 1, 2017 at the age of 71.
2017 CPA Renewal Packages were sent to all primary contacts on November 25, 2016. If you did not receive your renewal package, please contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at  or 613-683-2275 to receive a copy of your invoice. Thank you for your continued support for, and investment in, a successful and thriving propane industry.
The Canadian Propane Association is pleased to announce a new award for its annual CPA Awards Program. The PTI Trainer of the Year Award celebrates engaging and inspiring trainers who are best in their class and achieve a level of excellence in the classroom. This award replaces the CPA Service Award.

CPA's award program also offers a Lifetime Industry Achievement Award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant or consistent outstanding service contributions to the CPA, as well as the CPA Student Scholarship Award. This award, sponsored by the International Association of Young Gassers, Inc., provides financial assistance to recipients planning a career in post-secondary education at a Canadian vocational or trade school, community college or university, and is offered to immediate family of employees of CPA member companies.

CPA members are encouraged to nominate commendable colleagues and associates by submitting a nomination form no later than March 31, 2017. Award details are available on the CPA website.
The CPA reminds members they will receive a $200 discount off their annual membership fees for referring an organization/individual that joins the CPA. There is a maximum of $400 dollars/two referrals per member, per year. Contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at for details.
The CPA is pleased to offer member companies the official CPA logo for use in marketing and promotional materials.
This logo can be used by current CPA members on member company websites, brochures, magazine ads, and any other material to indicate they are a member of the Association. It is available in both English and French, and can be downloaded from The Grid.
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News
What if the unthinkable happened today? That worst-case scenario. The reason your company has an emergency response assistance plan (ERAP). Is your company ready? Determine your organization’s level of readiness in response to an ERAP activation. Enroll in ERAC’s Plan Participant Readiness and Review Program (free for ERAC Plan Participants). This program is a new tool to determine your organization’s level of readiness in response to an ERAP activation.

The Plan Participant Readiness and Review program is designed to:

  1. Improve your operational response readiness and highlight the importance of ERAPs, including your organization’s role and ERAC’s role, capabilities and responsibilities
  2. Determine your organization’s readiness through the program’s assessment questionnaire
  3. Offer tailored ERAP awareness training with ERAC
  4. Follow up with Plan Participants through a survey
Learn more about the Plan Participant Readiness and Review Program by contacting Patrick Knight, Manager, Safety and Quality or visit our website at
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Bulletins & Notices
CPA Renews Transport Canada Equivalency Certificate:
Equivalency Certificate SU 11123 (Ren. 7) 
National Energy Board LPG Underground Inventory Report:
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Code Corner
Following requalification, each cylinder must be plainly and permanently marked as per the CSA B339-08 (Cylinder, Spheres, and Tubes for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods) Standard.  

Clause states that: "Except as provided in Clause, any marking becoming illegible shall be remarked on the container or reproduced on a metal plate permanently secured to the cylinder or any permanent part of the container, excluding the sidewall."

Clause states that: "Where the space originally provided for marking requalification dates becomes filled, the expired requalification dates, except the last one, may be removed by peening, provided that:
  • Permission to do so has been obtained from the owner of the container,
  • The design minimum wall thickness is maintained, and
  • The original manufacturing test date is not removed.
TDG standards, such as the CSA B339 Standard, can be viewed on the CSA Group website: register or log in and scroll down to "TDG Standards" under "View Access".
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