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In its pre-budget brief to Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, the Canadian Propane Association made a number of recommendations to create equal opportunity for propane, harness government grants for converting appliances to propane, and provide financial incentives for driving autogas vehicles.

"The propane industry has an important contribution to make in the fight against climate change, while at the same time creating jobs," noted CPA Executive Director Andrea Labelle in the brief. "Clean-burning propane has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). And it can do so without the huge capital investments required for other alternative fuels such as natural gas."

The CPA recommended the Federal Government:

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The Federal Government is planning to consult with provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, industries, and non-governmental organizations to develop a clean fuel standard as part of its pan-Canadian climate plan.

"The standard would require reductions in the carbon footprint of the fuels supplied in Canada, based on lifecycle analysis. The approach would not differentiate between crude-oil types produced in or imported into Canada. These consultations would inform the development of a regulatory approach under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)," announced the government in a press release late last year.

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