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CPA Submits Recommendations for Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan

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In December, the CPA submitted several recommendations to the Ontario Ministry of Energy for its 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP).

In its submission, the CPA requested the Ontario government:

  • Create an ongoing forum for the fuels sector to provide input on energy policy.
  • Establish "energy agnostic" policy goals, which, rather than being energy or technology specific, reward fuel sources that create desired outcomes.
  • Create pathways for the propane industry to partner with government, ensuring that all Ontario consumers, regardless of location, have access to cost-effective, energy-efficient, low-emission energy options.
  • Acknowledge the impact of switching to propane for home-heating to provide affordable and sustainable energy alternatives for Ontario residents.
  • Recognize the immediate and substantial role that auto propane can play in low-emission transportation, both in public and private fleets.
The CPA continues to work with the government on energy policy opportunities for propane and Ontario. CPA members can view the submission on the Grid.

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