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The top awarded applicant will be invited to receive their award at the 64th Annual Conference in Palm Desert, CA.

Winners will be announced by January, 31, 2019.

Applications for the 2020 John J. Murphy Scholarship will be available by June 2019.


Does your company have a storied history that needs telling? Have you just surpassed your own expectations for growth? We are currently in production of our Food Shippers of America Spring issue, and we'd like to see our Member Shipper and Receiver Company's profiles in those pages!

For more information, or to submit your profile, send your company history, your goals and your vision for the food supply chain industry to Nancy Newbourne at treasurer@foodshippersofamerica.org.

The bio should be 500-700 words and include the following:

A Quick Look: 
Where, when and by whom the company was founded:
Corporate office location:
Products offered:
Areas served:
Logistics operation:

Information about the company:
The bulk of the biography should tell our readers about the company operations and what it is that makes your company unique; be it the company history, its innovative operations, award-winning customer service, etc. Please also include your vision for the industry as a whole and their company in particular.

All submissions should include a phone number for clarification of any information. Please also identify yourself by your full name, title and company name.


Aljex Software, Inc.
Syfan Logistics, Inc.

Team Hardinger
Erie, PA-based Team Hardinger announced last month their January 1 acquisition of TJ Kourier, LLC, a leading, regional LTL services provider. Team Hardinger will also retain all TJ Kourier LLC's employees, including founder Tom Kaveney.

Visit https://www.naylornetwork.com/fud-nwl/pdf/Team_Hardinger-TJ_Kourier_Announcement_12-17-18.pdf to view the full article online.


Journal of Commerce
There has been a lot of buzz this year around being a “shipper of choice,” but companies that thrive don’t only apply these principles when capacity is tight and drop them when conditions improve — they innovate for the long term.

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Reprinted with permission of the Journal of Commerce. 

Visit https://www.joc.com/trucking-logistics/how-be-%E2%80%98strategic%E2%80%99-us-truck-shipper_20181217.html to view the full article online.


Falling energy prices in December cooled inflation fears and restrained price gains, while trucking rates continued their upward drive fueled in large part by long-distance truck loads.

Visit https://www.freightwaves.com/news/economics/inflation-pressure-cools-trucking-rates-climb to view the full article online.


The Packer
In the wake of fuel thefts in Mexico, the U.S. media has reported a possible shortage of both avocados (think guacamolé) and fuel as fans eagerly anticipate Super Bowl LIII on Feb 3. But an Avocados from Mexico spokesperson said there was virtually no impact from fuel shortages as suppliers and shippers use diesel for thier trucks, and that an estimated 200 million pounds of avocados were scheduled to be shipped to the U.S. through the end of January.

Visit https://www.thepacker.com/article/avocado-importers-eye-mexico-fuel-shortage-super-bowl-looms to view the full article online.


Using a $41 million grant from the California Air Resources Board, Toyota and Paccar Inc.'s Kenworth Truck division will build the first 10 hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks for use in hauling drayage through the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, principals for the two companies said last week. The move is in response to the CARB's goal of zero or near-zero emissions by 2035 for the thousands of trucks moving in and out of the port daily.

Visit https://www.trucks.com/2019/01/09/ces-2019-toyota-kenworth-build-10-new-fuel-cell-trucks/ to view the full article online.


Supply Chain Dive
The squeeze for available real estate is on for companies in need of warehouse space. With demand outpacing availability by more than 6 million square feet in Q3 2018, and little more than seven percent of industrial real estate currently available, companies will see no relief to the warehouse shortage in 2019 until an additional 57 million square feet of industrial space comes on line in Q4.

Visit https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/Available-warehouse-space-lowest-since-2000/546019/ to view the full article online.


Transport Topics
The American Trucking Association (ATA) and the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Association (AFPM) have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out an appeals court ruling upholding Oregon's program of reducing carbon intensity by 10 percent by 2025, citing overreach by the state to regulate activity outside its borders.

Visit https://www.ttnews.com/articles/fuel-producers-ata-seek-supreme-court-review-oregon-low-carbon-fuel-program to view the full article online.


Americans want to know what is in their food products, prompting a clean label movement that challenges food manufacturers to retool their recipes to include simpler-sounding ingredients. However, some food experts believe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's definition of the phrase "clean label" is too ambiguous for food companies to accurately uphold, with many consumers confusing the term with words like healthy and natural.

Visit https://www.fooddive.com/news/clean-label-movement-faces-consumer-confusion-and-regulatory-hurdles/545799/ to view the full article online.

Visible Supply Chain Management

CCJ News
In an 8-0 decision last week, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with a driver, saying contracts between independent contractors and carriers are not bound by arbitration, despite arbitration language in the contract.

Visit https://www.ccjdigital.com/court-rules-carriers-cant-force-independent-contractors-into-arbitration/ to view the full article online.


Adding two more ultra-large container ships to its roster, Taiwanese operator Evergreen's Ever Golden, Ever Gifted and Ever Grade will each boast nominal capacity of 20,150 TEU. The 400-foot long ships will sail the China-Europe-Mediterranean trades as members of the 323-vessel Ocean Alliance.

Visit https://www.freightwaves.com/news/maritime/evergreen-ocean-alliance-ax39s-4l57a-eslk9-4d4z9 to view the full article online.


Supply Chain Dive
Walmart's new 340,000 square foot super supply center in Colton, CA, will employ about 600 workers and begin processing orders in July. The company announced a goal of 95 percent "on-time, in full" (OTIF) delivery using new automating order software and by combining multiple LTL shipments into FT to regional centers.

Visit https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/Walmart-consolidation-center-order-efficiency/546020/ to view the full article online.


The Packer
Developed by University of Florida researchers to produce higher yields for the November and December season, the Florida Brilliance strawberry is quickly gaining the interest of growers looking to cash in on the longer shelf life and higher-quality fruit flavor.

Visit https://www.thepacker.com/article/brilliant-florida-strawberry-bred-flavor-early-debut to view the full article online.


Tyson Foods and the Environmental Defense Fund announced this week their partnership to develop initiatives to meet demands for more sustainable food. The initiatives will focus on environmental stewardship to reduce greenhouse gases emissions (GHG), improve water quality and maximize profits on farms within the Tyson family. The program will use cloud-based technologies to improve more than 2 million acres of corn-producing land by 2020.

Visit https://www.manufacturing.net/news/2019/01/tyson-foods-and-edf-launch-partnership-accelerate-sustainable-food-production to view the full article online.

One Partner. Many Solutions.
Burris Logistics
At Burris Logistics, your business is as important to us as our own. We listen to you, learning from our customers and the industries we serve to collaborate on the best solutions for your end-to-end supply chain needs.
Learn more.

February 22 - 25, 2020  JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL.
February 28 - March 2, 2021 W Marriott Desert Springs, Palm Desert CA.
February 20 - 22, 2022 JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL.

Inquires for Conference Sponsorship opportunities should be directed to treasurer@foodshippersofamerica.org


The 64th Annual Foods Shippers of America conference is now sold out. Please find our tentative agenda that Co-Chairs Earnie Seibert, Sanderson Farms and Mary Kearney, Hirschbach Motor Lines, and the committee have created for another great conference.

Visit https://www.naylornetwork.com/fud-nwl/pdf/kwFood_Shippers_Agenda_2019_FINAL_SMALL.pdf to view the full article online.

UTXL, Inc.


How would you respond to a crisis to supply items deperately needed after a disaster? Food Shippers of American in partnership with American Logistics Aid Netork (ALAN) to offer this game-based session putting you in the role of a business, non-profit, or government organization working to deliver critical commodities to a community following a disruptive event. You'll race against time to keep supplies moving while confronting challenges common to disaster. Performance metrics will be reviewed using data visualizations, and attendees will explore strategies for addressing real-world supply chain risks simulated during the session. Attendees should bring a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet to participate in this session.

A Fresh Approach to Food Shipping
Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc.
Planning your food delivery in the most economical and quickest transit time possible allows you to keep your food products at their best. Tucker specializes in arranging your freight according to your needs, contracting with a select group of carriers, and applying our innovative “forensic dispatch” approach to strive for the safe, seamless and on-time delivery of your product.
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