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Our water and wastewater sector certainly faces a lot of challenges...and the federal government seems to be very aware of these challenges. So our repeated message to all federal departments and agencies is "you can’t address these issues without us!" We emphasize that a round table of regulators, academics and private sector businesses cannot determine what we, as the frontline municipal utilities, are going to do and how we’re going to do it.
CWWA’s Wastewater and Stormwater Committee kicked off the new year with a teleconference in January. The Committee has been less active compared to the early days of the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations, when the group provided an extensive review and recommendations and provided support during implementation.
CWWA's Window on Ottawa is rapidly approaching.

The complete program is available online, and we're constantly working on stregthening the agenda, to bring you the most up to date information.

Registration is now open, so be sure to secure your place.
We’re continuing to get pictures of our CWWA hats around the country and the world.
The 2017 federal budget created six Economic Strategy Tables to identify competitive advantages, investment attraction opportunities, and obstacles to growth, and propose a strategic action plan to drive long-term and sustainable economic growth and create high quality jobs for Canadians. The Clean Technology Economic Strategy Table (CTEST) is one of six Tables that is focused on turning Canadian economic strengths in clean technology into global advantages.
In order to build the best possible program, and ensure that everyone gets a chance to submit their presentation proposals, we've decided to extend the deadline.

Submit your presentation proposal before April 15, 2018. We will try to complete the review as quickly as possible so we can share the draft program with speakers and delegates.
On March 22, CWWA and Public Safety Canada (PSC) organized jointly a Roundtable Discussion on the Water Sector to celebrate World Water Day. A group of representatives from senior federal level, municipal, academia and CWWA participated at the meeting. CWWA was represented by Adrian Toth, director of government relations. Discussions focused on the following topics: overview on National Critical Infrastructure; Concerns regarding the municipal water sector; Cyber security challenges; Research funding; overview on the national project on Strengthening the Resilience of the Canadian Water Sector; Future research agenda.
A small group of CWWA members and staff met with Health Canada in mid-February to discuss the proposed draft Guideline on Lead in Drinking Water. This initiative was led in part by the AWWA Canadian Affairs Committee. In attendance were:
The water world lost a giant with the passing of William ‘Bill’ Butler in February at the age of 69. A most respected water professional in New Brunswick, Bill was a true leader within his province and with the Atlantic Water and Wastewater Association. Bill represented the ACWWA on our board of directors for the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (a role his son Mark now fills). Bill went on to serve as our national president from 1991 to 1993.
Scale Back Power/Chemical Usage with HydroFlow
HydroFlow Canada
HydroFlow Systems have proven themselves, with over 25 years of success, across 68 countries. STOP Limescale formation, ELIMINATE existing Limescale buildup, REDUCE Biofilm, Bacteria and Algae, chemical free. REDUCE Struvite and Polymer usage in WWTP Dewatering Processes. Applications: Cooling Towers, Boiler and Steam Boiler Systems, Water Heaters, Humidification Systems, Commercial Swimming Pools, WWTPs and moreā€¦ Environmentally Friendly, Chemical Free, Proven, Patented and Verified Systems.
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Member News
Authored by Valerie Jenkinson, WWWS

Canadian water and wastewater operators, Jason Mank, Marcel Misuraca and Glen Ketchum recently made a huge difference in the lives of the residents of Dominica. They answered the call for operators needed to assist DOWASCO, the water and wastewater authority in Dominica, after the utility was devastated by Hurricane Maria.
Canadians want affordable water services, but utilities are finding it difficult to "balance their books" as costs continue to rise and revenues decline.

To mark World Water Day, Canadian Water Network is releasing a new report about the financial sustainability of Canada's water systems. Following an investigation of financial practices across the country, the report highlights core challenges and provides a menu of opportunities to advance sustainability.
by Nadia Koukoui
Posted in FluksAqua Community, Water and wastewater community,

As a woman working in the water industry, I have been wondering what draws other women to this exciting field. How many are we? How do we impact the industry?

For me, the spark occurred after graduating from Engineering School some time ago and embarking on a solo 3-month backpacking trip across South America and later Africa.
The Water Research Foundation (WRF) along with research partners such as the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, have funded many projects dealing with water treatment. These projects are intended to optimize water treatment processes for elimination of human pathogens and reduction of chemical contaminants that may pose a health risk to consumers. Many other projects have been funded to provide water utilities with "tools" to assess the condition of buried infrastructure. These tools will provide utilities with cost-effective options for renovating or replacement of aging water mains, and long- and short-term strategies for addressing their buried infrastructure components that are nearing their effective life-times.
The Water’s Next national awards program honours the achievements and ideas of individuals and companies that successfully work to change water in our country.
The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, the world’s most prestigious, gave out awards tonight to waters from three continents. All five continents had waters among the nearly 100 entered.

With 15 entrants, including several past winners, the municipal water category was a battle of champions with the water judged best in the world for 2018 – Clearbrook Waterworks, British Columbia, Canada – also the biggest medal winner in the event’s history. The best water in the USA is Santa Ana, CA, another former gold medalist along with three of the next four winners, all American waters. The silver was won by the City of Hamilton, OH. Mission Springs Water District, Desert Hot Springs, CA won bronze. Fourth place was El Dorado Springs, CO and Independence, MO placed fifth.
Federal Initiatives
Canada’s Finance Minister, Hon. Bill Morneau, released his government’s third federal budget on February 27th. Titled "EQUALITY GROWTH: A Strong Middle Class", it continues the government’s focus on the middle class and the economy, but clearly reconfirms their commitment to innovation, to the environment and to First Nations. New this year is the very strong focus on gender equity.
Based on the results of the final screening assessment, the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Health (the ministers) have concluded that selenium and its compounds meet the environmental and human health criteria for a toxic substance, as set out under paragraphs 64(a) and 6
At the GLOBE conference in Vancouver, BC the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change launched the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, a major new federal funding program. Environment and Climate Change Canada officials and other federal colleagues with funding programs will be holding information sessions across Canada starting the week of March 19. In reference to my email from last week, we are hoping to leverage your network to ensure that all potential applicants are aware of the program and the information sessions.
National News
You can help to promote and engage your customers in achieving the coveted recognition of ENERGY STAR Certification. It’s a universally recognized and acclaimed label of superior energy performance and efficiency.
Faculty of Applied Science/ University of BC
Blue-White Industries
Provincial News
In collaboration with the government of Canada and many other partners, Ontario has developed a Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan, which includes over 120 actions to reduce phosphorus loads to Lake Erie by 40 per cent.
On February 22, 2018, the AER released the Alberta Energy Industry Water Use Report. The updated report now includes data by company for oil sands mining and in situ which show that, over time, companies have reduced the amount of water they need because of new technologies and innovation.

In 2016, about 80 per cent of water used for oil sands mining was recycled from tailings ponds, while in situ recycled 86 per cent by separating and treating water from producing wells.
The Administrative Agreement is made effective February 28, 2018. The Agreement notes that "the Parties agree that New Brunswick, due to its existing relationship with owners and operators of municipally, privately, and provincially-owned wastewater systems, is well positioned to act as the principal point of contact for the administration of the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations".
Standards News
This Standard addresses considerations for adapting wastewater treatment plants (existing, new, or retrofit/upgrade projects) to a changing climate by reviewing climate, regulatory, risk, design, construction, and operations and maintenance aspects.

The draft is posted at for a 60-day period ending on April 22, 2018.

Important notes
• All comments must be formally submitted through the CSA Draft Review site by midnight Eastern time on the closing date.
• Comments will not be accepted through other formats (e.g., emails, comment sheets) or after the public review closing date.
• Anyone wishing to submit comments must register for a free account on the CSA Draft Review site.
• Although editorial comments are welcome, please do not submit comments about spacing or formatting, as this will get a comprehensive review once the document is updated in CSA’s publishing software after public review.
Upcoming Events
WaterTAP has received support from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) to deliver asset management planning (AMP) training workshops for small municipalities in southeastern and southwestern Ontario.

These workshops will build municipal capacity by increasing basic municipal AMP understanding and will provide guidance on how to incorporate life-cycle costing into AMP. The training will also focus on capacity identification within municipalities and capacity sharing between municipalities.
Halifax Water, ACWWA, & NEBRA welcome you to the best biosolids conference of the decade –including all that gracious Halifax has to offer! This international conference is in the brand new World Trade and Convention Center near the harbor, downtown – a world-renowned destination. And "Halifax is at its best in September. And what's not to like about local seafood (lobster!)?" And it's affordable! (U. S. attendees – enjoy the Canadian dollar discount.)
Browse our calendar of CWWA, member and partner events.
Water Online

Texans are no stranger to the devastation of hurricanes. I still vividly remember, as a young child in Austin, being scared of Alicia in 1983 — and thankful that we lived at the top of the hill. Alicia caused nearly $2 billion in damages, a record at the time, and the category 3 storm was so destructive that its name was retired. But only a few years later, that record was broken in Texas by Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 ($5 billion), Hurricane Rita in 2005 ($24 billion), and Hurricane Ike in 2008 ($35 billion).
Snippings and Clippings
WaterTap Ontario

At WaterTAP, we’re closely watching policy, regulatory, and program developments related to Ontario’s water sector. Here are some recent updates that may be relevant to your organization:
Water Canada By Kevin Litwiller, Director of Marketing & Communications

Each year, on March 22nd, our global community is officially reminded to take some time and give some focused thought toward one of our most precious resources: water. Although we should really be thinking about our use and preservation of water every day, with the busy lives most of us lead, it is helpful to be reminded from time to time. World Water Day plays a critical role in helping us do so.
The Water Council’s rapid evolution in Milwaukee - Where Water Works™, supported by vigorous public-private partnerships, is creating a powerful and unique international success story, with far-reaching ripple effects within the city, the state, the region and the global water industry. The council recently released their Annual Report.
Water Canada

On Friday, the City of Winnipeg released its 2018 State of the Infrastructure Report. This release marks the first time the city has been able to strategically categorize its assets and grade their physical conditions.
Business Insider

When food-safety expert Bill Marler saw The New York Times' trend piece on Silicon Valley's recent obsession with raw water, he thought he was reading a headline from The Onion.

According to The Times, demand for unfiltered water is skyrocketing as tech-industry insiders develop a taste for water that hasn't been treated, to prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants.
Water Canada

Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the 2018-19 federal budget today in Ottawa today. The budget featured a wide range of new spending, including many line items of relevance to Water Canada readers.
CBC Canada

A U.S. appeals court has told the Hopi tribal nation that it can proceed with its bid to block a local ski hill from making artificial snow.

The Arizona Snowbowl resort has been using reclaimed wastewater from nearby Flagstaff, Ariz., to spray the San Franciscan mountains with artificial snow.
International Institute for Sustainable Development

In the lead-up to World Water Day on 22 March and in conjunction with the World Water Forum, three prominent water-related prizes were announced. The World Water Council and government partners announced the winners of the King Hasan II Great World Water Prize and the 5th Kyoto World Water Grand Prize, while the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) announced the Stockholm Water Prize laureates for 2018.


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