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April 17, 2020
The California League of Food Producers (CLFP) is actively assessing the evolving coronavirus situation and how it is affecting the state’s food processing industry. CLFP is in regular contact with a wide variety of government agencies, industry and association coalitions and others, and is providing frequent updates to its membership.
The CLFP 2020 Annual Board of Directors Meeting will hold a virtual meeting on Thursday, April 30. Board members will hear legislative and regulatory updates, as well as information on how the coronavirus is impacting California’s food processing industry.
CLFP has joined with other industry organizations to ask California Governor Gavin Newsom to direct all state agencies to postpone near-term rulemaking and related deadlines.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently released its annual Climate Change Investment (CCI) report that ranks projects funded through Cap-and-Trade dollars. For food processors, the projects are funded through the Food Production Investment Program (FPIP). CLFP member Sun-Maid Growers of California's Compressed Air Optimization project was featured in CCI's 2020 annual report. 
The coronavirus has created challenging times for many people trying to provide adequate food and other supplies for their families and has also resulted in more people seeking out food banks for assistance. CLFP has posted a link to California food banks on its website for those that are in need or are able to donate.
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Feature Column
In the wake of the current COVID-19 virus outbreak and response measures being implemented globally, Safe Food Alliance felt it was important to do our part in supporting the food industry. We hope we can provide appropriate and practical guidance for you to consider when implementing practices in your facility to help protect our food and ensure business continuity.
Capitol News
The California Legislature pushed back its scheduled return to the Capitol by three weeks to May 4 to give public health officials more time to deal with the coronavirus spreading through the state. It is unclear what this new schedule will mean for pending legislation. On April 16, a newly created Senate Special Budget Subcommittee on the COVID-19 response held its first hearing in the State Capitol.
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Industry News
In its April cover story, Food Processing maganize looks at how processors are cranking up and shifting channels to feed a country staying at home – while wondering what comes next.
Last week, Isabel Solorio turned away five families from the Lanare food bank serving farmworkers in rural Fresno County. There just wasn’t enough food to feed the 215 families who showed up. It was twice the number of families that needed food a week earlier, she said. But that same week, on a farm just 20 minutes away, at least two fields of fresh lettuce were disced back into the ground, left to rot as the restaurants that buy the produce struggle to stay afloat.
The temporary final rule to change certain H-2A requirements aims to help employers avoid disruption in lawful agriculture employment.
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