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Sue Miller reported on our progress toward the strategic initiatives originally identified in 2016 at this year’s annual Board Meeting. The 2020 initiatives and the on-going initiatives are listed in the full article (click "Learn More" to access).
AHVAP's various committees shared their successes from the past year at the October Business Meeting. Click "Learn More" below to read about what they accomplished.
Susan Toomey, Conference Committee Chair shares five key takeaways from this year's Conference & Supplier Showcase. Click "Learn More" below to catch up on all the developments.
Product Research Library now including COVID-19 Vaccines
Greenlight Medical
As a result of COVID-19, we ramped up efforts to release a new Product Research Library for hospitals, which includes education on all pertinent medical products for COVID-19 such as vaccines, ventilators, masks, PCR tests, assays, PPE, etc. The Product Research Library includes product equivalents, FDA regulatory criteria, and clinical evidence research available, in addition to information on thousands of other medical products. We are offering complimentary access to non-partnered hospital facilities during this time.
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AHVAP Spotlight
2020 will bring a new look to the AHVAP Newsletter. AHVAP is has partnered with Naylor Association Solutions to produce the monthly newsletter. With over 50 years of experience, Naylor “Increase[s] member engagement with your association’s content, without the need for additional staff effort, while incorporating targeted advertising that earns your association more non-dues revenue.”
Robin Lane breaks down the new organization of the membership and what it means for you and the future.
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Surgical Product Solutions
A New White Paper from ECRI
ECRI Institute
Lessons of COVID-19: Three Actions for a More Resilient Supply Chain

Healthcare supply chain professionals faced unprecedented challenges during COVID-19, but leaders can apply the lessons learned during the pandemic to improve the resilience of their supply chains and lead greater resilience throughout their organizations.
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Industry News and Developments
Industry Analysis by Loyale Healthcare
Health care in America is on the threshold of great change, driven by disruptive new technologies, regulatory pressure and increasingly assertive, value-sensitive consumers. Recently published analysis "The top eight predictions that will disrupt healthcare in 2020" presents traditional healthcare providers with a stark choice - adapt or lose patients and their revenue.
By Victoria Stern, OR Management News
Value analysis has become a holy grail in health care. But how can health care organizations introduce innovative techniques and technologies safely and cost-effectively? These goals may sound simple, but as health care evolves and the marketplace for drugs and medical supplies becomes more saturated and complex, achieving them can be a challenge.
By Elizabeth L. Cope and Paul Armstrong, HealthAffairs Blog
Millions of Americans are receiving medical treatments, tests, and procedures that are either wasteful or ineffective every single year. These services, dubbed as “low-value health care,” are defined as services for which the potential for harm outweighs the potential for benefit, and they have critical consequences for patients and the health system at large, as they are estimated to cost $300 billion nationally each year.
Gloria Graham, DNP, RN, CVAHP, Clinical Value Analyst at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, was a featured presenter in Lumere's webinar "Evolving Supplier Relationships: The Path to Partnership." Graham is a past AHVAP president and current member.