As a member of the AGCVA I enjoy times shared with members having a drink watching the sunset over the bay, fireside chats at the Homestead, or late-night fun in the Greenbrier casino. However, what really matters to me is the value I get from membership in the areas that I need support. 
Join Brian Turmail, Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at Associated General Contractors of America for this brand new episode of Commercial Construction: Elevate the Industry.  A few of the things he covers:

  • AGC's role in support of the commercial construction industry, including advocacy, training, networking, and more

  • How AGC was influential in keeping construction "Essential" through COVID-19, changes in PPP, and other current legislative issues

  • Future trends in the industry, including a five year look-ahead

  • How construction is unique among businesses and things he hopes do not change

National Association Will Use Results to Push for Additional Relief Measures

AGC of America is conducting a new coronavirus survey to determine how the pandemic has impacted operations over the past year and their expectations. The association will use the survey results to educate officials about the current state of the construction industry and advocate for additional relief measures designed to boost demand for construction.

Please take the survey by the close of business on Thursday, March 4. The association will then analyze the survey answers and release the results by mid-March to members, the media and elected and appointed officials.  Contact Brian Turmail at (703) 459-0238 or with any questions, comments or concerns.
It’s probably premature to look at 2021 and simply say, “Well, it certainly can’t be as bad as 2020, right?” There is no shortage of natural disasters, diseases, world-shattering events, etc. that could easily pop up like Cousin Eddie dropping in for the holidays. However, it has been interesting to see the construction world maintain its cool in the face of a tremendous headwind. When one compares the current economic climate to that of the previous recession in 2008, there appears to be a balance of cautious optimism and ingenuity that is emboldening construction organizations across North America.
Scaffolding Solutions, LLC
Reintroduced in Congress this month, the bill designed to strengthen unions has major implications for construction firms and the workers they employ. Democratic lawmakers reintroduced the PRO Act, the sweeping labor rights bill that was passed by the House of Representatives last year. Construction groups representing workers, unions and employers alike say they are watching intently to see how the bill, or parts of it, would affect the industry if it becomes law. 
Deltek, Inc.
You’ve made an excellent hire and are excited about the possibilities your new “A Player” will bring to the team. So, what’s next? Studies show that you’d better get it right and that you don’t have much time to do it. Did you know that many new employees make up their mind within one week into their tenure as to whether they’re going to begin another job search? New hire expectations vary greatly, and those differences are often generational.
Cross-generational mentorship is worth its weight in gold. The subject is near and dear to my heart because, as the co-owner of a multi-generational, family-owned business, I owe most everything that I know to my father, Gary. From an early age, I benefited from what I see as being the “old guys” teaching the “young guys.” In construction, this is sometimes a contentious situation, but it is vitally important for survival of an efficient and healthy construction industry.
Seniors at Bedford County CTE school, Susan G. Gibson Science & Technology Center (SGGSTC) have been busy building handrails, posts and pickets at the Bedford Humane Society. They also designed and built benches one at Falling Creek Park and seven at Independence Park. SGGSTC students are enjoying a trailer that the Central District and the AGCVA Education Foundation helped purchase for them.
Construction workers are among the least likely employees to say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if one were offered to them, underlining the challenges contractors will face getting their workforces inoculated. While willingness ranges as high as 77% for workers in higher education, just 53% of construction workers said they’d willingly roll up their sleeves for the shot.
Working outdoors in the cold has its risks, but waiting until spring isn’t always an option when buildings or infrastructure are in need of repair. Without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and layers, winter projects leave construction workers susceptible to hypothermia, trench foot and frostbite. Of course, the last thing any contractor wants to compromise on is safety. Workers need to wear the right clothes and layer them the right way to mitigate common risks.
Mar 2021
What changed in Virginia’s procurement statute? Are there any new wage theft laws? What does the Biden administration and a change in political power in Washington, D.C. mean for contractors? During this lunchtime webinar, AGCVA CEO Brandon Robinson will outline the work we’ve done during the recently adjourned General Assembly session in Richmond. Joining Brandon will be AGC of America’s Vice President, Government Relations, Jimmy Christianson who will fill you in on what is happening at the national level. Both have a lot of information to share, specifically how you can expect legislation to impact your day-to-day operations. In addition to the details they will provide, they will be taking your questions. We hope you will join us for this important conversation.
Mar 2021
The architecture, engineering, and general contracting community in Virginia is coming together on March 17-19 at the AEC Virginia Symposium to collaborate, create, and build for the future. Register today!