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A Word from AGCVA Chairman, Trip Smith

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As a member of the AGCVA I enjoy times shared with members having a drink watching the sunset over the bay, fireside chats at the Homestead, or late-night fun in the Greenbrier casino. However, what really matters to me is the value I get from membership in the areas that I need support. 

February has continued to be a challenging time in the Virginia legislature. As part of the legislative committee, I get to see first-hand the knowledge and expertise contributed by the membership. The AGCVA and legislative committee identified 34 bills that directly impact your business. A dozen of these required immediate attention and consistent engagement. The legislative committee, made up of 21 members from all categories of membership, met weekly to review, support or oppose the progression of these bills. Our CEO Brandon Robinson and our lobbyists testify daily on your behalf. So, while you go about your daily business, the AGCVA is working hard to protect your interests. 

The special session is expected to wrap up at the end of February. AGCVA was successful in defeating, continuing, or minimizing the impact of bills involving wage theft, apprenticeship, subcontracting requirements, right to work, SWAM, and environmental legislation. The legislative committee has recognized the importance of building relationships with our legislators year-round. So, when an industry specific issue is raised, they know who we are, and where we stand. I encourage you to make additional donations to the AGCVA PAC on our website to support this effort. The companies on the legislative committee made additional donations, districts have made additional donations. Thank you Rolley Davis and AGC Tidewater for your one-time $7,500 donation to the PAC!   

AGCVA is here for you and thanks you for your support, 

Trip Smith, DBIA, LEED AP
2021 AGCVA Chairman


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