AGC of America is the largest and oldest General Contractor Association in the nation. AGCVA, the Virginia chapter of AGC of America, has 8 paid staff and 530 member organizations. 

As is the case with many things, the benefits of your membership are far greater for those members who choose to get involved with our association. 
AGCVA Legislative Committee Chair Dick Abidin shares his thoughts about why advocacy efforts not only matter to each AGCVA member, but how they impact each of you and the way you do business on a daily basis.

Dick shares examples of legislation AGCVA supported, which resulted in positive effects, as well as examples of legislation that AGCVA opposed, due to the threats those bills posed.  He describes how the process works and why your construction knowledge can make a huge difference, even if you don't consider yourself a lover of politics.
Don Sproul, Chair of AGCVA's District Officers Council offers his thoughts about why this collaboration among leaders from each district is so important and how each meeting directly benefits every AGCVA member. 

He explains why he believes the conversations that take place among district leaders are so critical and how with each meeting, every district improves.  Don also identifies a major member benefit that he believes most members aren't aware of, suggests that you consider increasing your involvement with AGCVA, and gives you easy ideas for doing so.
Breeden Construction is proud to announce the completion of a newly constructed affordable multifamily project in Dumfries, VA, Townsquare at Dumfries Apartments. The project was completed for the developer, Community Housing Partners; Breeden Construction served as the general contractor.

The certified Earthcraft $32 million project began in January 2019. While the global pandemic looked to create various obstacles, the project was completed on-time.
The construction industry added 110,000 jobs in March, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of data released recently by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry has added 931,000 jobs since April 2020, recovering 83.6% of the jobs lost during earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Contractors are experiencing pandemic-related and other delays, and they need to know what situations qualify for extra time or money.
Deltek, Inc.
Scaffolding Solutions, LLC
President Joe Biden will issue an executive order that raises pay to $15 an hour for hundreds of thousands of federal contract workers, according to senior White House officials. The move will increase the current minimum wage of $10.95 by nearly 37% by March of next year and continue to tie future increases to inflation.
President Joe Biden recently announced a $2.3 trillion U.S. infrastructure spending proposal, the American Jobs Plan, that promises billions of dollars in construction contracts to companies across the country who are trying to determine what a post-COVID-19 economy will look like.
Celebrating 69 years!
Perry Engineering Co IncĀ®
With 69 years of experience, we at Perry Engineering Company Inc. have dedicated our efforts to satisfying the needs of our customers! We offer complete site delvelopement for industrial, commercial, residential, and civil public works!
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We all hope that our new team members will "hit the ground running." It's tempting to rush through training in an effort to get them started on the work you hired them to do. Terry Keffer offers his thoughts as to how a slower start can be the key to a productive and successful team member.
A good subcontractor can be hard to find. Caterpillar's Jason Hurdis shares tips for finding reputable subcontractors in your area and how to vet them to make sure you get the expertise you want.
In this episode, President and CEO at Gilbane Building Company Mike McKelvy covers everything you need to know about Construction Safety Week 2021 – happening May 3-7, 2021.

Mike shares his excitement to be the chairman of this year’s event and his passion behind the “Holistic Safety” theme; walks through the wealth of planning resources and communication tools that firms can use to participate; and talks about lessons learned, future goals, and how he keeps him team engaged in safety initiatives.

Also hear from some Construction Safety Week partners who are offering free training and resources. Kevin Cannon, head of AGC’s safety and health services, ties it all together with what you need to know about OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, which is happening the same week.
Construction workers are exposed to high accident and health risks in their daily work because construction projects grow and are continually changing the work environment. The site crew often has to work under considerable strain, in difficult weather conditions and under major time pressure. In order to avoid dangerous situations in the best possible way and to make construction sites a safe place to work, the appropriate measures must be taken.
A recent Gallup report found that companies with higher scores on employee engagement saw 64% fewer accidents than companies with low employee engagement.
May 2021
The greatest threat to Virginia's construction industry—the PRO Act—is one U.S. Senate vote away from becoming law, with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) being a key player in that determination. The PRO Act would repeal Virginia's right-to-work law and create market conditions that heavily favor union shops over open-shops. At the same time, the PRO Act would force employers to divulge private information about their employees, deny workers the right to a secret ballot in union elections, and would unleash an unprecedented wave of labor unrest.
May 2021
Who Should Attend: Owners, A/Es, Inspectors, Construction Managers – particularly those doing public sector construction – can earn the often-times required CQM-C Credential at our quarterly offered CQM-C training. Both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Navy require that CQM personnel pass this training program as part of the certification process. AGCVA has worked with these groups to provide this training on a convenient, reasonably-priced basis.
May 2021
Learn more about how you can access this FREE regional resources brought to you by the Greater Richmond Regional Workforce Coalition, a partnership of Community College Workforce Alliance, Capitol Region Career Works, UnitedWay, Richmond City Office of Community Wealth Building and ChamberRVA.
Jun 2021
Join us from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for this important conversation. Full details including the meeting agenda will follow soon, but we encourage you to register and add this date to your calendar.